Welcome to the Executioners Fives Club

Welcome to what we proudly claim to be London’s friendliest Fives club, but please don’t be put off by the name. Despite considerable provocation, we’ve never actually killed anyone. The name was originally thought up some 30 or so years ago by a group of former students from Exeter University, who wanted to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.

These days, we’re a loose coalition of like-minded souls who like nothing better of a Wednesday evening than belting a small ball around a four-walled court with just our gloved hands – a collection of players of all ages, backgrounds and abilities; men and women. Journalists rub shoulders with financial controllers and students, Old Eastbournians tackle Old Tonbridgians, and players in their fifties take to the courts against players half their age. Anyone and everyone is welcome, no matter how much experience they have.


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Training Times

Wednesdays during school term time:

7 – 9:30 PM 



Contact Details

Club Secretary
Andy Pringle
SW13 9JT
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