Articles and other writings dealing with Rugby Fives

Articles and other writings dealing with Rugby Fives: 

1817 Hazlitt on Fives  
1823 Fives Court Poster
1884 Fives for Young Ladies
1903 Fives, by Eustace Miles
1904 Fives by Eustace Miles (Windsor Magazine)
1932 Change to best-of-3 for the Amateur Singles
1932 (The lack of) Fives Courts in Oxford
1932 Fives gloves and bruised hands
1932 The service rule – correspondance
1932 Winchester v. Rugby Fives – correspondance
1932 The Need for Fives courts
1932 Fives at Newnham College, Cambridge
1932 Open Letter to Dr. Cyriax
1932 The Meaning of Fives
1932-33 Fives in literature; Fives in Shakespeare
1933 Bat Fives
1933 Rugby Fives for Women by Vox femina
1933 The craft of the ball maker by John Armitage
1933 Public Fives Courts – correspondance
1933 Rugby Fives for Women – UCL
1933 The best Rugby Fives players
1933 The Growth of the Jesters
1933 The game of Rugby Fives (court dimensions)
1934 A Fives Meet on Boxing Day
1934 County Fives
1934 Fives in the Daily Press – letter
1934 Doubles pairs at Rugby Fives
1934 Lonsdale Library Rugby Fives – a review
1934 Count Fives – the new format
1934 Fives court near Irum, Spain
1934 The Rugby Fives Association – VEA Bowley
1934 A Northern Fives Tour
1935 County Fives results
1935 The Hampstead Squash and Fives Club – an advert
1935 Lamh Liathroid – Gaelic Handball
1935 Slot machines for Fives balls
1935 The early days of fives – a patent from 1692
1935 The Fives courts of Olde England
1935 The ‘Galloper’ fives ball – correspondence
1936 Fives against the City Wall
1936 Masking the serve – correspondance
1936 Some problems of Rugby Fives – BR Griffiths
1936 Fives in Brazil
1937-38 County Fives
1938 Bocnal Tobacco Fives Card
1974-75 Sir William Harpur Memorial Trophy
1977-78 50 Years of the RFA by Bill Pett
1977-78 The Future of Fives by David Gardner
1977-78 The RFA Club: A history by Geoffrey Rimmer
1979-80 The Service and Lets by Bill Bailey
1979-80 Coaching Course at Henry Thornton School
1981-82 Singles for 3 players
1981 Matthew Engel (The Guardian) : A bunch of fives…
1983-84 The Exeter Coaching Course
1983-84 Catholic College Games – compiled by David Barnes
1992 Chris Martin-Jenkins on Fives (Daily Telegraph)
1993 Chris Martin-Jenkins (Daily Telegraph) on Wayne Enstone’s 20th National Singles title
1995-96 Ladies Fives 85-95 by Denise Hall-Wilton
1995-96 Fives Quiz
1996 Which is the best shot in Fives? by Bruce Hanton
1966-97 Fives before the war by Geoffrey Rimmer
1998  RFA Celebration Dinner
2000-01 Squash Court Fives  by Howard Wiseman
2002-03 The RFA 70 years ago by David Barnes
2005-6  High Fives –Tour in a Mercedes by Andy Pringle
2006 Eton and Rugby Fives Coaching Agency
2006-07  Railing tennis Collection Sale by Ian Roberts
2006-07 John Parry (1727-54) by Ian Roberts
2006-07 Bat Fives by Howard Wiseman
2006-07 The Craft of the Ballmaker by John Armitage
2006-07 The RFA website by Andy Pringle
2008-09 Fives on Facebook by Gareth Hoskins
2013 RFA creates two Honorary Life Members David Barnes and David Gardner
2013 The name Fives: Theories
2014 Scoring old-style
2014 The Barnes Bridge
2014 The earliest Fives Ball ever found? by Douglas Rice
2014 A History of Winchester Fives by David Barnes
2015 The Ranking System by Dave Hebden
2015 A history of the North of England Open by David Barnes
2015 The Hampstead Squash and Rugby Fives Club by David Barnes
2015 Census of Fives Courts by Dave Hebden
2015 Country Life article on Eton (and Rugby) Fives: ‘A bunch of Fives
2016 Warminster Fives by David Barnes
2017 High Fives for a game of Rugby with a difference by Mark Taylor
2017 A history of the President’s Cup by David Barnes
2017 President’s Cup — The Roll of Honour
2017 President’s Cup —  Photocollage of Winners
2019 Scoring with Stats — Hamish Buchanan on scoring Doubles matches
2019 How National Rankings are calculated — an update by Dave Hebden
2020 Origins of the term ‘Rugby Fives’
2020 Twitter Tour of Fives Court Design
2020 Twitter A-Z of Players