RFA Strategy

Fives has been played and enjoyed for over 100 years in the UK, but from as far back as the 1970s, the sport has struggled to tackle the same issues that have plagued it, including disappearing courts, ball supply, and building new ‘centres’ for Fives.

The Rugby Fives Strategic Plan addresses the concerns of the Board and the wider community for the future of Fives. Within the document – which you can find using the links to the right – we outline the Board’s primary motivations, describe our strategic framework and detail a roadmap of initiatives with assigned responsibilities for the next five years.

Our strategic framework is divided into three sections: sustain, nurture and grow. For ‘Sustain’, we aim to prevent further contraction of the sport and maintain the key components of Fives. For ‘Nurture’, we aim to build on the foundations set and improve and develop Fives for its playing community. Finally for ‘Grow’, we aim to expand the sport as we know it today and strive for our long-term vision of opening up the sport to new players.