Our Team


Julie McIntyre

I started playing Winchester, then Eton and now Rugby Fives. I was even the Wallball Ladies beginner National champion in 2018! Very cross-cultural. 

Julie is the General Secretary of the City of Durham Fives Club and a level 2 coach.

Starting with Winchester and Eton Fives in the 1990s, she’s been playing Rugby Fives in Durham since 2017.

She also sings, works in IT, and has a husband and two children, most of whom play with the club.

Deputy President

Andy Passey

I started playing fives at Malvern. I returned to the game after a long break and joined the Wessex Club, which I now help to run. I am a veteran of the Jesters’ Tour to Edinburgh, which has introduced me to the art of Rugby Fives. 
I’m keen to give something back to this great game and want to see it played for years to come.

General Secretary

Chris Blakeley

It’s over 50 years since I took up Fives, and I still love playing it. I want to help ensure that the facilities and networks needed to play are still available in another 50 years’ time


James Tilston

I am delighted to have taken on the role of Treasurer for the RFA and will be working hard to make the most of our charity status and membership base to ensure sustainable financing going forwards.

Club Manager

Hamish Buchanan

Who am I? Club manager.

Modesty forbids the rest.

Technical Consultant

Stuart Kirby

I have played Fives since I was as school and university and like the variety of people and camaraderie.  As a Chartered Engineer, I tend towards the technical aspects of helping Fives which includes building, repairs and health and safety, as well as finance.

Safeguarding Officer

Alex Smith

I have been on the board since 2004 and have organised the Owers Trophy and both began and still organise the National School Girls Tournament.  Now a teacher, Head of Classics in Stamford where I also coach fives on the squash courts, and play at nearby Oundle where possible, as well as on the Jesters’ Tour to Edinburgh, and anywhere else I get the chance!


Louise Mathias

I am very pleased to have a role on the board as an advocate for the ladies’ game. I hope to encourage and support as many ladies as possible to play fives and join the fantastic community it offers.

Dan Tristao

Dan started playing Fives at St Paul’s School and never looked back. After winning championships at school, university and Under 25s levels, he has gone on to win more than 50 open titles.

Charlie Brooks

Charlie established himself as a doubles specialist at Cambridge University, winning the British Universities title four years in a row. This continued into adult Fives, and he won the first of four National Doubles titles in 2013.

David Butler

Dave is now an RFA board member and co-host of The Fives Pod, but he is perhaps best known for organising the annual Jesters Fives Tour of Edinburgh.

The Board and Sub-committees

The Board, which meets quarterly, is responsible for the overall running of the RFA, and the game of Rugby Fives nationally. A summary of our meetings is published in the President’s newsletters. Amongst other things, we are responsible for the long-term RFA strategy, any updates to the playing rules, producing safety and safeguarding guidelines, working with Schools and our affiliated clubs to help maintain the sport and run national competitions for all ages. The Board has sub-committees with defined responsibilities, which are outlined below. They can be contacted through the email links provided.

  1. Coaching and Schools. Scope: coordination and delivery of Activator Coach Awards, Level 2 coaching, and individual coaching support to schools/school coaches. Coaching materials. RFA relations with Schools. School leavers. (CoachingnSchools@rugbyfives.com
  2. Communication. Scope: content, coordination, design, regular review and updating of our channels of communication including the association’s website, Twitter, WhatsApp, email, Annual Review. (Communication@rugbyfives.com)
  3. Clubs and Tournaments Scope: Financing and Structure of RFA Affiliated Clubs, scheduling, balance and delivery of RFA tournaments and revival of club matches. (ClubsnTournamements@rugbyfives.com
  4. Courts, Members and Finance. Scope: Regular review of courts status and use, identification of financial support needs. Advancing the design and financing of new courts. Appropriate investment of RFA funds. (CourtsnMembership@rugbyfives.com)
  5. Health, Safety and Safeguarding. Scope: Regular review of safety issues, guidelines and RFA policies, indemnity. (HSnS@rugbyfives.com)