Our Team


David Parlby

I first played fives at the age of 13 and it was my main sport from then on until aged 52 when my knees could no longer cope. The game gave me huge pleasure over the years.  Being involved in the work of the RFA means I have the chance to put as much back into the game as I got out of it.   

Fives is one of the last bastions of true Corinthian sporting principles with games played in the best possible spirit.  In these days of money driven professional sport, this feature is both rare and precious – long may it last and spread well beyond our current cohort of fives players.

Development Officer

Gareth Price

I started playing Fives at Merchant Taylors’ School and that set me off on a path where I fell in love with handball sports. I’m delighted to be helping develop this wonderful sport for the 21st century.

Gareth can be contacted through our website if you want to explore any opportunities related to Fives. We are open to both traditional Fives and innovation throughout the sport to encourage more participation.

Deputy President

Julie McIntyre

Julie is the General Secretary of the City of Durham Fives Club and a level 2 coach.

Starting with Winchester and Eton Fives in the 1990s, she’s been playing Rugby Fives in Durham since 2017.

She also sings, works in IT, and has a husband and two children, most of whom play with the club.

General Secretary

Phil Atkinson

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing tournament and club fives for over 50 years. In that time, I’ve made long lasting friendships countrywide and accumulated a wealth of memories of exciting games and convivial evenings.


James Tilston

I am delighted to have taken on the role of Treasurer for the RFA and will be working hard to make the most of our charity status and membership base to ensure sustainable financing going forwards.

Club Manager

Hamish Buchanan

Who am I? Club manager.

Modesty forbids the rest.

Technical Consultant

Stuart Kirby

I have played Fives since I was as school and university and like the variety of people and camaraderie.  As a Chartered Engineer, I tend towards the technical aspects of helping Fives which includes building, repairs and health and safety, as well as finance.

Safeguarding Officer

Alex Smith

I have been on the board since 2004 and have organised the Owers Trophy and both began and still organise the National School Girls Tournament.  Now a teacher, Head of Classics in Stamford where I also coach fives on the squash courts, and play at nearby Oundle where possible, as well as on the Jesters’ Tour to Edinburgh, and anywhere else I get the chance!


Louise Mathias

I am very pleased to have a role on the board as an advocate for the ladies’ game. I hope to encourage and support as many ladies as possible to play fives and join the fantastic community it offers.

Dan Tristao

Fives is my life. 

Charlie Brooks

I’m good at doubles. 

David Butler

A funny guy.

Chris Burrows

Chris. Burrows.