Player development, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, relies on quality coaching.  At the RFA we pride ourselves on an excellent selection of coaching courses designed to help coaches, teachers and club managers develop their skills both in terms of confidence on court and delivery of education. 

Activator Coach Award

The Award is part of The RFA’s Coaching Awards Scheme and is a basic Award run over three sessions designed to enable anyone who has an interest to help coach and lead Fives sessions at their School or Club. More information can be found in the following documents:

Activator Coach Award Leaflet

Activator Coach Award Guidelines

Activator Coach Award Teacher Coach Guidelines

You can find full documentation and suggested session plans on our Activator Coach Award page

Level 2 Course

This is a 1st4Sport accredited coaching course that opens up avenues for professional coaching on an employed or freelance basis. This course is widely recognised across the UK and gives a deeper understanding into top player development and how to structure long-form courses and lessons.  

To sign up for one of these courses please go to our Eventbrite page


The RFA has Grants available for those who want to do a Level 2 course – and you can apply for one by using the following form:

RFA Coaching Grant Application form