Tributes, Profiles, Interviews and Memoirs

Tributes, Profiles, Interviews and Memoirs: 

1932 KC Gandar Dower
1933 The best players in Rugby Fives
1934 Review of Gandar Dower’s Amateur Adventure
1934 Doubles pairs in Rugby Fives
1934 Malt, Armitage etc – a group photo
1934 KW Millage
1934 Roger Winlaw – photo
1934 VEA Bowley retires
1935 KC Gandar Dower – a sketch
1936 GR Rimmer – a tribute
1936 The PA Malt Fives glove – an advert
1936 BR Griffiths – a caricature
1938 Who’s Who in Fives: 34 players
1955 John Armitage by John Nye
1973 Bill Pett by John Nye
1978 & 1983 Bill Bailey remembers
1979 Ron Colville by Bill Pett
1981 John Burton
1982 David Hebblethwaite
1985 Alastair Mackenzie by Jerry Cooper
1988 AH Buck – a letter
1996 Tim Stock by Paddy d’Ancona
1988 John Pretlove by Dennis Silk
1988 AH Buck ; 1996 Peter Ingram retires by Owen Toller
1994 Adventures in Ireland by Alastair Mackenzie
1996 Tim Stock by Paddy d’Ancona
1985 Alastair Mackenzie by Jerry Cooper
1997 David Gardner by Rick Wilson
1998 Wayne Enstone by David Barnes
2001 Robin Nagy and Nelson Mandela
2003 Phil Atkinson by David Barnes
2003 Michael Beaman reflects on 10 years as Gen. Sec.
2004 Clive Orpen by Mark Bliss
2005 A Tale of Two Players Hall-Wilton & Smith, David Barnes
2005 Memories of the Marchant Cup, Keith Puckle
2008 John Pretlove recollects
2009 Interview with Dave Hebden
2009 The youngest ever winner of the President’s Cup: Jay Gravatt
2009 Kenneth Gandar Dower by DJ Smith
2009 The Genius of Gandar Dower by Gordon Stringer
2011 Fives at Merchant Taylors’ – Nick Hillier
2011 Peter Dunscombe remembers the WoE
2011 David Goodwin and the National Schools
2013 David Barnes & David Gardner Two Honorary Life Members
2013 The Tab: What the heck is Fives?
2015 Alastair Mackenzie by Dick Warner
2016 Howard Wiseman by John Reynolds
2016 Ian Fuller remembers
2016 Ben Beltrami interview with ‘Varsity’
2017 Ian Fuller, a true champion of Fives by David Barnes and David Hebden
2018 David Gardner interview: 60 years on the RFA Committee (Full version)
2018 David Gardner interview: 60 years on the RFA Committee (from RFA Annual Review)
2020 Twitter A-Z of Players
2022 Peter Mellor: Fives at Bedford School and the RFA