History of Rugby Fives at Schools, Clubs and Universities

Histories of Rugby Fives at Schools, Clubs and Universities:

From the RFA Annual Review:

1999 Giggleswick School
2000 Whitgift School
2001 St. Paul’s School
2002 Winchester College
2003 Christ’s Hospital
2004 Oundle School
2005 St. Dunstan’s College
2006 Blundell’s School
2007 Tonbridge School
2008 Alleyn’s School
2009 Bedford & Bedford Modern
2010 Merchant Taylors’ (text only, as published in The Taylorian)
2010 Merchant Taylors’ (for ‘Concordia’ 2011)
2010 Radley College
2011 Rugby School
2012 Bradfield College
2012 Bradfield (full version, updated 2016 – illustrated)
2013 Denstone College
2014 History of Winchester Fives
2015 Marlborough College (full version – illustrated)
2015 Marlborough College
2016 Sedbergh School (full version – illustrated)
2016 Sedbergh School
2016 History of the Universities Championships
2017 Eastbourne College (full version – illustrated)
Eastbourne College
2018 Bloxham School (full version – illustrated)
2018 Bloxham School
2019 Felsted School (text and notes with photos)
2019 Sherborne School (full version – illustrated)
2019 Sherborne School
2020 Merchant Taylors’ School (full version -illustrated)
2020 Merchant Taylors’ School

Other articles referring to schools, clubs and universities:

Alleyn’s: The Alleyn’s Fives Festival 2002
Cambridge: Fives at Newnham College 1932
Cambridge: Court opened at Emmanuel College 1933
Cambridge: Fives at Newnham College 1934
Cambridge: A Half Blue for Fives 1934
Cambridge: The 50th Past v. Present 1999
Cambridge: Courts in Cambridge by Gareth Hoskins 2010
Cambridge: CAM article on Fives in Cambridge 2013
Clifton: Fives at Clifton College 1991 (updated 2015)
Clifton: Courts back in use 2005
Denstone: The Denstone courts renovated 2004
Denstone: Fives returns to Denstone 2012
Derby Moor: The Derby Moor courts 2001
Derby Moor: A Fives revival in Derby 2004
Derby Moor: Enclosure of the Fives courts
Dulwich College: The Old Alleynians Fives and Squash Club 1935
Dulwich College: Fives returns to Dulwich College 2008
Durham (Ushaw): Handball in County Durham by Mike Haslam 1995
Giggleswick: RFA presents the Ian Roberts Trophy 2012
Hackney Downs: Memories of the Marchant Cup by Keith Puckle 2005
Halifax: The first Fives of the Millenium? 2000
Hampstead: History of the Hampstead Squash & Fives Club by David Barnes
Heversham Dallam: Fives returns to Heversham Dallam School 2014
Holt, Greshams: A court by Ian Roberts 2008
Marlborough: Town Club completes first McNab 2012
Merchant Taylors’: MTs’ tour to the USA 1986
Merchant Taylors’: The Wass Cup 1996
Mirfield College: A court at Mirfield by Ian Roberts 2009
Rugby School: a trophy for Double Hand Fives 2009
Rugby School: Fives returns to its spiritual home 2010
Rugby School: Rugby wins first titles in new era 2011
Sheffield (Hillsborough): A Sheffield Court by Ian Roberts 1999-2000
Shrewsbury House School: Fives returns to SHS 2012
St Dunstan’s: New courts in 1934
University College London (UCL) Fives for Women 1933