Great day’s Fives at the National Schools Girls’ Championships

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Marlborough College, Dorset
Sunday, 30th April 2023

49 girls, from 11 schools, took part in this year’s National Schools Girls’ Championships, the 14th of its kind since the inception of this event in 2010.

In the Under 18 category defending Singles champion Camille Beattie from the City of Durham Fives Club and her club partner Imogen Wright were too strong for all opposition, but their two regular opponents from the Edinburgh Academy gave the Durham players closers games in the two finals than the scores suggest.

In the U16s it was good to see four schools fighting it out for the top medals – Blundell’s, Alleyn’s, Eastbourne and Edinburgh Academy – with Jemima Mitchell from Blundell’s taking the gold in the Singles but losing out with her partner 15-16 in a thrilling and much applauded final match of the day against the Alleyn’s top pair.

There were good numbers for the U14 and U13 age-groups, with the more championship-hardened players from Alleyn’s and Stamford dominating. Special mention must be made of Taylor-Rose Foo, who did the double in the U14s, and of the junior girls from Stamford, who play their Fives to an ever-improving standard on squash courts.


U18 Singles

Group A: 1. Camille Beattie (Durham); 2. Rosa Beazleigh (Eastbourne); 3. Hannah Thomas (Malvern)
Group B: 1. Rosa Ogilvie (Edinburgh Acad); 2. Phoenix Fleming (Marlborough); 3. Maisie Spencer (Eastbourne)
Group C: 1. Olivia Smart (Edinburgh Acad); 2. Fiona Swann (Eastbourne); 3. Erin Butler (Marlborough); 4. Arabella Shuttleworth (Malvern)
Group D: 1. Imogen Wright (Durham); 2. Yvonne Tang (Rugby); 3. Clemmie Davidson (Edinburgh Acad); 4. Lia Krieger (Eastbourne)

Quarter-finals: Beattie (Durham) bt Beazleigh (Eastbourne) 11-2; Wright (Durham) bt Swann (Eastbourne) 11-4; Smart (Edinburgh Acad) bt Butler (Marlborough) 11-1; Ogilvie (Edinburgh Acad) bt Fleming (Marlborough) 11-1
Semi-finals: Beattie bt Wright 11-1; Ogilvie bt Smart 11-1
Final: Camille Beattie Durham) bt Rosa Ogilvie (Edinburgh Acad) 15-0
Plate: Yvonne Tang (Rugby) bt Hannah Thomas (Malvern) 12-10

U18 Doubles

Quarter-finals: Rugby bt Eastbourne II; 11-4.  Eastbourne I bt Malvern; 12-11.
Semi-finals: Durham bt Rugby 11-2; Edinburgh Academy bt Eastbourne I; 11-1
Final: Durham (Camille Beattie & Imogen Wright) bt Edinburgh Academy (Rosa Ogilvie & OliviaSmart) 15-8.
Plate: Eastbourne I bt Eastbourne II 11-6

U16 Singles

Group A: 1. Jemima Mitchell (Blundell’s); 2. Anna Bailey (Edinburgh Academy); 3. Diva Tiwari (Alleyn’s)
Group B: 1. Elena Newbould (Rugby); 2. Millie Smart (Edinburgh Acad); 3. Natalia Talbot (Blundell’s)
Group C: 1. Daisy Dunkley (Eastbourne); 2. Emily Erdmeier (Alleyn’s); 3. Grace Li (Malvern)
Group D: 1. Annie Guo (Alleyn’s); 2. Nelly Bathard-Smith (Eastbourne); 3. Alice Thomas (Malvern)

Quarter-finals: Jemima Mitchell (Blundell’s); bt Nelly Bathard-Smith (Eastbourne); 11-1; Diva Tiwari (Alleyn’s) bt Elena Newbould (Rugby) 11-5; Anna Bailey (Edinburgh Acad) bt Annie Guo (Alleyn’s) 11-7; Daisy Dunkley (Eastbourne) bt Emily Erdmeier (Alleyn’s) 11-6
Semi-finals: Mitchell bt Tiwari 11-6; Bailey bt Dunkley 11-9
Final: Jemima Mitchell (Blundell’s) bt Anna Bailey (Edinburgh Acad) 15-4
Plate: Annie Guo (Alleyn’s)

U16 Doubles

Quarter-finals: Blundell’s bt Alleyn’s II 11-5.  Edinburgh Academy bt Malvern 11-0.
Semi-finals: Blundell’s bt Edinburgh Academy 11-1 Alleyn’s I bt Eastbourne 11-7
Final: Alleyn’s I (Annie Guo & Emily Erdmeier) bt Blundell’s (Jemima Michell & Natalia Talbot) 16-15.
Plate: Eastbourne bt Edinburgh Academy 11-5.
Bowl: Alleyn’s II bt Malvern 11-0

U14 Singles

Group A: 1st Bea Grindal (Stamford); 2nd Nina Brown (Bloxham); 3rd Chloe Newington (Marlborough); 4th June Keefe (Ursuline HS, Wimbledon)
Group B: 1st Tilly Stephens (Stamford); 2nd Scarlett Wigley (Alleyn’s); 3rd Immy Keenan (Marlborough)
Group C: 1st Phoebe Simons (Bloxham); 2nd Emily Tyler (Stamford); 3rd Maya Hayeem (Marlborough); 4th Martha Harrison (Ursuline HS, Wimbledon)
Group D: 1st Taylor-Rose Foo (Alleyn’s); 2nd Bea Davies (Marlborough); 3rd Zara Spencer-Jones (Marlborough)

Quarter-finals: Foo bt Hayeem 11-0; Grindal bt Wigley 11-7; Stephens bt Brown 11-6; Tyler bt Simons 11-4
Semi-finals: Foo bt Grindal 11-0; Tyler bt Stephens 11-1
Final: Taylor-Rose Foo (Alleyn’s) bt Emily Tyler (Stamford) 11-0
Plate: Scarlett Wigley (Alleyn’s) bt Phoebe Simons (Bloxham) 11-5

U14 Doubles

Semi-finals: Alleyn’s bt Stamford II; Stamford I bt Bloxham
Final: Alleyn’s (Taylor-Rose Foo & Scarlett Wigley) bt Stamford I (Bea Grindal & Tilly Stephens)
Plate: Marlborough I (Maya Hayeem & Chloe Newington)

U13 Singles

Group A: 1st Annabelle Brown (Alleyn’s); 2nd Ellie Raybould (Stamford); 3rd Erin Clark (Stamford)
Group B: 1st Anna Ratto (Alleyn’s); 2nd Frieda Hebblethwaite (Alleyn’s); 3rd Emily Chowings (Stamford)
Group C: 1st Sophie Dobson (Stamford); 2nd Issy de Soyza (Alleyn’s); 3rd Bella Wienand (Stamford

Quarter-finals: Brown bt Clark 11-0; Hebblethwaite bt de Soyza 11-5; Ratto bt Wienand 11-5; Dobson bt Raybould 11-3
Semi-finals: Brown bt Hebblethwaite 11-3; Dobson bt Ratto 11-5
Final: Annabelle Brown (Alleyn’s) bt Sophie Dobson (Stamford)
Plate: Anna Ratto (Alleyn’s) bt Frieda Hebblethwaite (Alleyn’s) 11-4

U13 Doubles (Round-robin)

Gold: 33 pts Alleyn’s I (Annabel Brown & Frieda Hebblethwaite)
Silver:  25 pts Stamford I (Sophie Dobson & Bella Wienand)
Plate: 18 pts Alleyn’s II (Anna Ratto & Issy de Soyza)

U18 champions again!

Action from the U18 Singles