Big changes in the latest Ladies Rankings


Rugby Fives Association, 28th February 2019

There are some big changes in the Women’s National Rankings, prepared by Chris Burrows after the recent Ladies’ National Championships at the Manchester Y Club.

First, we have a new Number 1: Louise Mathias. Louise currently holds 5 National titles in Rugby and Winchester Fives at open and U23 level, to add to a previous clean sweep of all schoolgirl titles.

Secondly, we now have 2 schoolgirls in the top ten: Martha Nugent (8th), who can boast titles at U13, U14 and U23 level plus a victory this season in the President’s Cup; and Katie Sumner (9th), the current U16 Singles champion.

Thirdly, we have 6 new entrants into the rankings as a result of their participation in the national championships at Manchester,  among them two players from the new City of Durham Club — Camille Beattie at 26 and Julie McIntyre at 29. Five of the new six are schoolgirls, as is Zara Elliot from Edinburgh Academy, who jumps from 35 to 17.

Fourthly, we see a significant rise from 32 to 14 for Dominique Redmond, better known for her prowess in Eton Fives, who made a welcome return to competitive Rugby Fives in Manchester.

The end-of-season rankings will be published in June after the upcoming Ladies’ Winchester Fives Singles and Doubles Championships, the Schoolgirls; Championships in April; and the Winchester Fives Mixed Doubles in May.

Women’s National Rankings
28th February 2019