Cambridge Cuppers – a new format for team Fives?


‘Cuppers Fives’ – i.e. an inter-college competition –  finally returned to Cambridge this season after more than a decade where the magnificent 1930s trophy remained uncontested. Organised by Wilson Lau the tournament attracted 7 college teams: Ben Beltrami’s III from Selwyn, Jacob Ader’s from Pembroke, Aurelien Gueroult’s side from Corpus, Wilson Lau’s from Trinity, Cameron Jenkins’ side from Churchill, Ed Kay’s from Emmanuel and Jacob Brubert’s III from Queens’. Each team consisted of two gentlemen and one lady, otherwise two men and one woman!

The format of play was as follows: one game of singles each against their opposite number, followed by one game of doubles for each possible combination. So, one match featuring 1 & 2 against 1 & 2, one game 1 & 3 versus 1 & 3, and a further game 2 & 3 against 2 & 3. All games to 15.

In the final the team from Emmanuel College comprising Ed Kay, Laurence Cook and Georgina Shepherd beat their opponents from Queens’ College – Jacob Brubert, Tom Bury and Sacha Hajnal-corob – by some 8 points.

Is this a new way forward for team Fives? Let us know what you think via the ‘Contact Us’ option.

Cambridge University Inter-Collegiate Challenge Cup from 1930

Cambridge University Inter-Collegiate Challenge Cup from 1930