The Basque Doubles Championship for Rugby Fives. Next stop the UK!

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San Ignacio, Spain
April 2022

Egoitz Campo reports: On 13th April 2022 the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports organised the 1st Basque Rugby Fives Pairs Championship on the squash court at the sports centre in San Ignacio (Bilbao-Basque Country). 6 players participated: Unai, Iñigo, Joseba, Adrian, Daniel and the organiser, Egoitz Campo. We made up 3 pairs and we played all against all.

This event followed a first Singles tournament staged on 10th December 2021 by the same Association. 5 players participated on that occasion: Luis, Aitor, Juanjo, Andi and Egoitz (the organiser).

This time the experience was equally good and we really enjoyed playing Rugby Fives, this new sport that we have started to practise here in the Basque Country. For all the players, except Egoitz, the experience was new since they had never played before, but they said they would repeat.

We started at 7:30 pm and finished an hour later. We played a total of 3 games, of 25 points each game. Egoitz and Daniel formed a powerful pairing, and although they had some problems with Iñigo and Joseba, they were able to win both matches, winning this first Pairs championship.

Our idea is to organise another tournament in August, this time with a different format. We haven’t decided on a name for that tournament yet, but the format will be different. We will play both modalities, Individual and Pairs, and the matches will be shorter: half an hour for the Individual mini-tournament and another half-hour for Pairs. The winner will be the one who gets the most points after both modalities. Next stop a trip to the UK!


Egoitz Campo & Daniel Barrientos beat Iñigo Galda & Joseba Nieto 25-20

Iñigo Galda & Joseba Nieto beat Unai Pérez & Adrian Saenz 25-7 

Egoitz Campo & Daniel Barrientos beat Unai Pérez & Adrian Saenz 25-16 

Placings: Basque Championship of Rugby Fives Doubles

1st Egoitz Campo & Daniel Barrientos

2nd Iñigo Galda & Joseba Nieto

3rd Unai Pérez & Adrian Saenz