Durham & Edinburgh girls win at Ladies U23 Championships

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The National Ladies U23 Championships
St Paul’s School; Saturday, 11th December 2022

STOP PRESS St Paul’s witnessed a superb Ladies U23 tournament this weekend, with players from all over the UK converging on London in possibly the strongest entry in this event’s short history. No less than 13 players took part in the Singles, and there were six pairs in the Doubles, all superbly organised by Ibby Lee.

The Singles championship was won in imperious fashion by National Schoolgirls U18 champion Camille Beattie from the City of Durham club, who conceded just 7 points on her way to the title. However, losing finalist Rosa Ogilvie had her revenge in the Doubles, teaming up with fellow Edinburgh Academy pupil Olivia Smart to record a win over Camille and Imogen Wright — albeit by the narrowest of margins: 16-15. This is the first time since the inception of the event in 2016 that both titles have been won by players of school age. And surely the first time in any championship where the two plates have been won by sisters!

More than anything, the tournament was a demonstration of the strength of the ladies game at the moment, with entries from past and present Oxford and Cambridge students, as well as girls from Durham and Edinburgh. The big question is how will this talented crop of youngsters fare in the Ladies Nationals, and we’ll find out the answer in Manchester next month.

Finally, we say goodbye to Ibby Lee, who has organised the event for the past two years with a delightfully light touch. Our thanks go to her, to the several family members and friends who came to support the players, to the teams from Edinburgh and Durham who made the long journey to participate, and of course to St Paul’s for their customary hospitality.


1st round: Olivia Smart bt Lena Barton 15-9; Holly Brown bt Roseanne McNaught-Davies 15-4; Savanna Leboff bt Haulwen Goldie-Jones 15-0; Rosa Ogilvie bt Hally Barton 15-2; Imogen Wright w/o Abbie Evans; Viola King Forbes bt Antonia Murphy 15-0
Quarter-finals: Camille Beattie bt Smart 15-0; Brown bt Leboff 15-10; Ogilvie bt Ibby Lee 15-6; Wright bt King Forbes 15-2
Semi-finals: Beattie bt Brown 15-1; Ogilvie bt Wright 15-1
Final: Beattie bt Ogilvie 15-6
Plate: 1st Lena Barton 44 pts; 2nd Hally Barton 38 pts; 3rd Roseanne McNaught-Davies 33 pts; 4th Antonia Murphy 12 pts; 5th Haulwen Goldie-Jones 3 pts
2nd Plate: 1st Ibby Lee 22 pts; 2nd= Viola King Forbes and Olivia Smart 16 pts. Savanna Leboff withdrew
Quarter-finals: Holly Brown & Roseanne McNaught-Davies bt Hally Barton & Lena Barton 15-10; Rosa Ogilvie & Olivia Smart bt Haulwen Goldie-Jones & Antonia Murphy 15-0
Semi-finals: Camille Beattie & Imogen Wright bt Brown & McNaught-Davies 15-0; Ogilvie & Smart bt Viola King Forbes & Savanna Leboff 15-4
Final: Ogilvie & Smart bt Beattie & Wright 16-15
Plate: 1st: Barton & Barton 33 pts; 2nd King Forbes & Leboff 30 pts; 3rd Brown & McNaught-Davies 23 pts; 4th Goldie-Jones & Murphy 1 pt
The players
The Singles Champion
The Singles medallists
The Doubles champions from the Edinburgh Academy
The Doubles finalists
Runners-up in the Doubles from the City of Durham Club
The Barton sisters win both Plates!