Edinburgh and Bristol dominate the Universities Championships

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Marlborough College, Wiltshire
Saturday/Sunday 20-21 November 2021

STOP PRESS 33 players from 8 universities took part in this year’s championships. In the Singles top seed Andrew Boyd from Edinburgh University beat his fellow student Ben Jourdan. Andrew and Ben went on to contest the Doubles final against defending champion, Theo Parker of Bristol University, and his partner Cameron Low; Theo and Cameron won a close and lengthy match. Three Plates were played: Edinburgh University’s Ollie Heath beat fellow student Andrew Shaw in the Singles; together they went on to win the Doubles, while Kirsten Bell won the Women’s Plate against Lizzie Ware in an all-Durham University final.

Report to come

BUSF Team Event
Dave Hebden writes: This year’s BUSF Team Event was won by Edinburgh for the first time. The margin in the end was quite substantial, with Andrew Boyd and Ben Jourdan appearing in both the Singles and Doubles finals, and Ollie Heath and Andrew Shaw picking up further points in the Plate events. Edinburgh had finished 2nd and 3rd in recent years, so this was a well deserved victory. Bristol, who won the Doubles, came 2nd, while Durham, who had semi-finalists in both the Singles and Doubles, were a good 3rd. It was nice to see the successes being spread across different teams with all of the 8 participating Universities picking up some points.
The full results:
Edinburgh 52
Bristol 37.5
Durham 21
Loughborough 13.5
Cambridge 12
Oxford 12
KCL 11
Warwick 11



Preliminary round: H Nugent (Cam) bt M Stricker (Ox) 15-1, 15-1; L Ware (Dur) bt G van Bergen (Ox) 15-0, 15-0; K Bell (Dur) bt A Murphy (Ox) 15-0, 15-0; A Fairweather (Ox) bt S Breese (Durham) w/o
1st round: M Hawkey (Ox) bt C Clark (Dur) 2-1 ret; E Thursfield (Cam) bt V Thakrar (Ox) 15-2, 15-2; D Tidy (Lough) bt Nugent 15-3, 15-0; C Low (Bri) bt Ware 15-0, 15-0; H Jackson (Dur) bt H Turner (Ox) 15-3, 15-9; B Yass (Cam) bt O Heath (Edin) 15-1, 15-7; R Patel (Cam) bt A Hutchinson (Ox) 15-13, 6-15, 16-14; I Weaver (Dur) bt L McKnight(Cam) 15-0, 15-0; A Chai (War) bt Bell 15-0, 15-0; D Law (Dur) bt Fairweather 15-0, 15-0; L Odgers (Ox) bt A Shaw (Edin) 15-2, 15-1
2nd round: A Boyd (Edin) bt Hawkey 15-1, 15-0; Tidy bt Thursfield 15-12, 15-2; Low bt Jackson 15-5, 15-3; J Sumner (KCL) bt Yass 13-15, 15-8, 15-7; B Jourdan (Edin) bt Patel 15-0, 15-1; Chai bt Weaver 15-0, 15-1; Law bt Odgers 15-7, 15-10; L Wells (Cam) bt Ng (Ox) 15-4, 15-0
Quarter-finals: Boyd bt Tidy 15-0, 15-1; Low bt Sumner 15-0, 15-3; Jourdan bt Chai 15-12, 15-11; Law bt Wells 15-3, 15-7
Semi-finals: Boyd bt Low 15-2, 15-2; Jourdan bt Law 15-5, 15-6
Final: A Boyd (Edin) bt B Jourdan (Edin) 15-6, 15-11
Open Plate: O Heath (Edin) bt A Shaw (Edin) 15-7
Women’s Plate: K Bell (Dur) bt L Ware (Dur)


1st round: Low & T Parker (Bri) bt Bell & Ware (Dur) 15-2, 15-3; Dare & Hutchinson (Ox) bt Nugent & Yass (Cam) 15-6, 15-9; J Davies & Tidy (Bri/Lough) bt Thakrar & Turner (Ox) 15-2, 15-3; Thursfield & Wells (Cam) bt Fairweather & Murphy (Ox) 15-0, 15-2; Law & Weaver (Dur) bt S Leboff & Patel (Cam) 15-0, 15-1; T Monro-Davies & Odgers (Ox) bt Heath & Shaw (Edin) 15-0, 15-1; Clark & Jackson (Dur) bt Hawkey & Ng (Ox) 15-10, 15-2; Boyd & Jourdan (Edin) bt Stricker & van Bergen (Ox) 15-0, 15-0
Quarter-finals: Low & Parker bt Dare & Hutchinson 15-4, 15-5; Davies & Tidy bt Thursfield & Wells 15-13, 15-8; Law & Weaver bt Monro-Davies & Odgers 15-10, 15-4; Boyd & Jourdan bt Clark & Jackson 15-3, 15-3
Semi-finals: Low & Parker bt Davies & Tidy 15-5, 15-7; Boyd & Jourdan bt Law & Weaver 15-1, 15-8
Final: C Low & T Parker (Bri) bt A Boyd & B Jourdan (Edin) 15-12, 15-11
Open Plate: O Heath & A Shaw (Edin) bt H Nugent & B Yass (Cam) 15-12

The Champion, ex-Cambridge, now Edinburgh

Singles Plate goes back to Edinburgh

Bristol win the Doubles Trophy

Doubles Plate for Edinburgh

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The Cambridge group