End-of-Season Rankings published


The Rugby Fives  Association
26th June 2024

National Rankings comprising 240 players in Singles and 226 in Doubles are now out, with thanks to Will Ellison and Charlie Brooks. At the top Ed Kay has risen from #2 to #1 in Singles since the end of last season, and Dan Tristao similarly in Doubles.

There are several players who have made upward progress in the Top 20 Singles in the course of this season: new National Singles Champion Ben Beltrami (#3), Tom Watkinson (#5) Richie Murby (#7), Lewis Keates (#9), Sam Russell (#10), U25 Champion Isaac Weaver (#11), Theo Parker (#13), Oscar McIntyre (#16), Universities Champion Marcus Cloke Browne (#18) and James Tilston (#19). Other significant rises in the higher reaches see Oxford Nr 1 Shiloh Wu at #27, Scottish Schools Champion James Milburn at #28, and SE Challenger winner Emrys Thursfield at #30.

In Doubles there are several modifications in the Top 10: Ed Kay rises to #2, Charlie Brooks to #3, Ben Beltrami to #4, Theo Parker to #5 and Tom Watkinson to #7. Elsewhere Emrys Thursfield at #19 and Richie Murby at #20 demonstrate significant progress this season, while a number of other regular club players also reap the benefit of good performances in ranking events: among them Stuart Scott, Anthony Goodwin, Penn Chai, Teddy Monro-Davies, Enrique Castillo Carbonell, Richard Christie, Aiden Whitham and Shiloh Wu in the Top 50, and including the impressive Shinan Zhang at #48.

Rankings can be viewed at https://therfa.uk/rankings/