Entries being accepted for Owers Trophy


The Owers Trophy

Saturday, September 30th 2017
St. Paul’s School, Barnes

Organiser Alex Smith is now accepting entries for this year’s Owers Trophy tournament for teams of old boys (and girls!). And, with the great success of the three-person format in the last two years, he is continuing with that system this year and hoping to get even more teams involved.

Teams only need three players and they can form a squad from the same Prep School as well as Senior School; they can also have one current pupil playing; and, finally, with many ladies playing now, a team can combine genders, too.

The members of the squad may change between matches, but not during a match, and not if they have already played for another team.

For full details of the competition, please download the official entry form from the link below. The closing date for entries is Wednesday 27th September, and final details of the draw, starting times and so on will be circulated on Friday 30th September.

2017 Owers Trophy entry form [PDF 56KB]