Entries for the National Singles Qualifiers are now open!

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21st October 2022
Entries for the National Singles Qualifiers are now open!

The regional tournaments will be held on the weekend of November 12th/13th in London, Tiverton, Derby and Edinburgh. Please contact organiser Charlie Brooks if you would like to play, as well as the regional organisers:

South West: Blundell’s School, Tiverton – Ollie Arnold (arnold_oliver@icloud.com)
Midlands: Derby Moor – Lewis Keates (lewiskeates.derbyfives@gmail.com)
Scotland: Edinburgh – Mike Kemp (i.am.mikekemp@gmail.com)
South: London – Charlie Brooks (charliegbrooks@gmail.com, 07967 552 652)

As always, there are 12 finals spots up for grabs, to join the top four ranked players in the country. The allocation of those 12 spots will depend on the combination of quantity and quality of each qualifying tournament and varies from year to year.

The finals will be held on December 3rd/4th.

Entry fee:
£10 per entrant
£5 per student (or free for anyone still at school)

The seeding for the qualifying competitions will be based on the RFA Rankings. The seeding for the finals will be based primarily on rankings, but adjusted to take account of the results in the qualifying events. Credit will be given for winning or finishing as runner-up in a region, and for wins against higher ranked players. The draw will attempt to avoid repeats of matches already played between players from the same region. The seedings will be decided by a committee appointed by the RFA.

All play must be in accordance with the RFA’s Health & Safety guidelines. A copy of the RFA’s full Risk Assessment can be found on the RFA website.

The new ‘Wiseman’ ball will be used throughout. Anyone unsure where they should be trying to qualify can drop me an email at charliegbrooks@gmail.com or contact me on my mobile: 07967 552 652.