Entry form for revamped Owers Trophy


The Owers Trophy

St Paul’s School, Barnes. Saturday 26th September 2015

Organiser Alex Smith is now accepting entries for this year’s Owers Trophy – for teams of Old Boys.

As already announced, the competition has been revamped this year, and will be played between teams of three, which can include men and women, as well as one current sixth-former. The idea is to encourage and allow more teams to participate in the event, and it is possible for more than one team from each school to enter.

As announced, the competition will start with a round-robin group phase, followed by a knockout stage, with the exact format depending on the number of entries. However, what is already decided is that the event will be doubles-only, with each match including every possible combination of the three team members.

For full details, click on the link below to download the official entry form.

2015 Owers Trophy entry form [PDF, 178KB]