First Basque Championship for Rugby Fives launched on a squash court

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The RFA recognises the first Basque Championship launched by Egoitz Campo. Match report from the organiser is detailed below; we hope to continue to build relationships internationally and hope to see players travel over for tournaments in the future! 

On the 10th of December in the squash court of the Derio municipal sports centre (Derio – Basque Country), the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports organised the first Basque Rugby Fives Singles Championship. 5 players participated: Luis, Aitor, Juanjo Andi, and Egoitz (the organiser).

The experience was very cool and all of us had a good time after putting on the gloves and practising a bit. I explained them the rules and then it was into the competition. Rugby Fives is an intense sport and a lot of fun. The most consistent player was Egoitz, but Aitor showed that he will become a great future talent.

Our idea is to organise the Basque Doubles Championship in March or April, where we will try to encourage 8 players in order to be able to make 4 pairs. If all goes well in Summer we will organise the Tournament of Galdakao (Singles and Doubles), which will have a different and faster format. Here you can see the results of the Basque Championship:

Preliminary match

Egoitz Campo 2-0 Luis Getxo (11-1 and 11-2)


Egoitz Campo 2-0 Aitor Galda (11-6 and 11-5)

Juanjo Sinde 2-0 Andi Erromo (11-2 and 11-4)

3º and 4º position match

Aitor Galda 2-0 Andi Erromo (11-0 and 11-2)


Egoitz Campo 2-1 Juanjo Sinde (11-5, 9-11 and 11-4)