First ever end-of-season rankings for Women’s Fives


The Rugby Fives Association, 17th May 2016

The RFA is delighted to publish end-of-season rankings for Women’s Fives for the first time. These are the third set of rankings to be published since the inception of Women’s Rankings in March of this year.

They show Ladies National Champion Kathleen Briedenhann, who recently won the Winchester Fives Mixed Doubles with Ben Beltrami, having consolidated her lead over second-placed Tessa Mills, who did not enter.

Alexandra Steel moves up to third after her silver medal in the Mixed event.

Georgina Shepherd, Ashley Lumbard and Lottie Simpson enter the rankings at 13, 17 and 27 respectively, while Karen Hird rises 21 places, all four of them after playing in the Mixed Doubles.

Two of the top ten, Alexandra Steel and Louise Mathias, also figure in the National end-of-season doubles rankings.

The next set of Women’s Rankings will be published in January 2017 after the Ladies National Championships in Singles and Doubles.

Previous rankings can be seen at

Ladies Rankings May 2016