Firsts galore at the Scottish Open

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Fettes College, Edinburgh
Saturday/Sunday, 29-30 April 2023

STOP PRESS There was a series of firsts recorded at this year’s Scottish Open: Richie Murby won his first Singles title, denying Dan Grant his first; RFA President Julie McIntyre won her first title, the Doubles with Richie — a double first for him –, and it is likely that she became the first sitting President of the RFA to win a maiden title, while also surely being the first mother to follow her son in winning that event, Oscar McIntyre having won it last year. Richie and Julie’s win must also be the first case of a mixed pair winning a regional open event. Strathallan School, who are playing their Fives on squash courts, recorded their first medal-winning performance, with Eric M teaming up with Derby Moor’s Lewis Keates to win the Doubles Plate, while Edinburgh Academy’s Findlay S won the Singles Plate.

Full report to follow.



Round Robin

Group A: 1st D Grant; 2nd L Keates; 3rd Alec S; 4th Findlay S; 5th J McIntyre
Group B: 1st R Murby: 2nd B Jourdan; 3rd E Hodges; 4th Hattie W

Semi-finals: Murby bt Keates 11-1, 11-3; Grant bt Jourdan 11-4, 11-3
Final: Murby bt Grant 11-0, 5-11, 11-5
Plate: Alec S bt Findlay S 15-4


Group A: 1st  J McIntyre & R Murby; 2nd Ed L & Magnus M; 3rd Oliver D-H & I Purvis
Group B: Forbes S & Toby C; 2nd E Carbonell & Oscar P; 3rd L Keates & Eric M; 4th E Lee & Charlie W

Semi-finals: McIntyre & Murby bt Carbonell & Oscar P 15-6; Oliver D-H & Purvis bt Forbes S & Toby C 15-7
Final: J McIntyre & R Murby bt Oliver D-H & I Purvis 15-3
Plate: L Keates & Eric M bt Ed H & Magnus M 15-12

First Scottish Singles title for Richie

Medal awarded by the President — and partner

Dan still smiling

Action from the final

Plate medal for Edinburgh Academy’s Findlay

The Doubles finalists from Durham and Edinburgh

Medallists from Derby, Strathallan, Durham and Edinburgh