FIVES News from abroad — Spain and the United States

International  News

The Rugby Fives Association, July 2023

News from Bilbao, Spain

The second Basque Championship Doubles competition was played on the squash court at the San Ignazio Sports Centre in Bilbao, involving three pairs in a round robin format. Games were played on the basis of the number of points won in a defined time, and the winners were those with the largest total number of points. As last year, the champions were Egoitz Campo and Daniel Barrientos, who won both their matches. The scores were:

Jesus Carballeira & Maximo Lukachenok beat Unai Pérez & Tomas Beriashvilli 11-7

Egoitz Campo & Daniel Barrientos beat Maximo Kulachenok & Jesus Carballeira 15-8

Egoitz Campo & Daniel Barrientos  beat Unai Pérez & Tomas Beriashvilli 17-5

News from the United States

Trevor Jones, a humanities teacher and professonal tennis coach from Boston, reports on the current state of Fives and Fives courts in the United States in a detailed article which you can read here. It follows a similar update from Neil Butterfield in 2016. 

There is a section on the RFA website Archive with interesting material about Fives abroad: in countries as far away as Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, as well as in some European countries.

The Bilbao finalists

Warming up before the final

The Union Boat Club, Boston

Play on the Fives court at the UBC