Fives Podcasts return for Season Three


It’s an exciting new season for the Fives Podcast. Guest hosts will be joining the established team of Dave Butler, Sam Russell and Matt Shaw for a third season, discussing various topics of interest, current and historical. The first guest host is Shinan Zhang, who previously took part in Season 2’s That Mental Toughness Episode. Shinan has been interviewing RFA Deputy President Julie McIntyre and ex-Oxford Ladies Captain Phoebe Thornhill about their pathway into Fives and asking why it is that they absolutely love the game!

Two previous podcasts this season have dealt with Dave Parlby’s period as a leading player and explored his targets for the future of Fives as he embarks on his presidency of the RFA. A second episode delves into two-time National Singles champion Matt Cavanagh’s “life in Fives” with an illuminating appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses a successful player has to manage.

Watch out for more podcasts to come on future Saturday mornings!

Episodes so far this season, which you can find by following the link in our podcast section.

That RFA President Episode 23.01.2021
That Matt Cavanagh Episode 30.01.2021
That Pathway into Women’s Fives Episode 06.02.2021
That International Fives Episode 13.02.2021
That Durham Schools Episode 20.02.2021
That Y Club Episode 27.02.2021