Latest RFA rankings published

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Rugby Fives Association, 7th October 2023

The RFA today published its latest rankings, which take into account events up to last month’s Yorkshire Open Championship and will be used to set the seedings for this weekend’s London Open. However, with relatively few of the highest-ranked players making the trip to Derby Moor, there’s little movement at the top of the rankings. So, Dan Tristao remains in first place in the official RFA singles rankings, with Will Ellison leading the Doubles standings.

With the top four in the Singles rankings unchanged, the most notable rise, albeit by only one place, sees Yorkshire Open champion Tom Watkinson move into the top five, while runner-up Theo Parker climbs five places to number 12. U25 Doubles champion Bally Singh also moves into the top 15, while, lower down, there are big rises for Penn Chai and Kristians Davins, into 40th and 44th places, respectively.

In the Doubles list, too, there’s little change at the very top; and although Ed Kay and Dan Tristao swap places in second and third, the gaps between the top three are very tight. As in the Singles, it’s Tom Watkinson who makes the most obvious advance, following his Yorkshire Doubles title with good progress up the list, from 11th to 9th.

All eyes will now turn to the London and West of England Opens, to see how results there affect the rankings — which will dictate the seedings for the National Open Singles Championship.

To see the full rankings, click on this link.