Latest Women’s Rankings show change at the top


Rugby Fives Association
Friday, 21st April 2017

The latest Women’s Rankings take into account results in the Ladies Winchester Fives Championship held in March at Malvern College. Kathleen Briedenhann beat Tessa Mills in the final to win the Singles title at that event, a result which enables Kathleen to return to the top of the rankings. Kathleen and Tessa won the Doubles, a success which consolidates their position as the top two players in the women’s game.

There are a number of new names in the rankings as a result of their participation in the Malvern competition: Anna Laakkonen, Ibby Lee, Cosi Bugel, Amy Lewin and Stella Smith, all of them schoolgirls, and one player from Sedbergh School, Imogen Boddy, has moved up three places to number 12.

End-of-season rankings will be published in June after the next two events: the National Schoolgirls’ Championships at Marlborough in April and the Mixed Winchester Doubles at Bradfield in May.