National Singles Qualifiers completed – the draw awaits!

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The Rugby Fives Association
Saturday/Sunday 13-14 November 2021

On the weekend of 13-14 November 53 players competed for a place in the final rounds of the National Singles Championship for the Jesters Club Cup, which will be staged on the courts of Cambridge University over the weekend of December 4-5.

From this weekend’s events, held at four locations around the country, 12 players will qualify to join Dan Tristao, Ed Kay, Will Ellison and Ben Beltrami in the draw. We await the decision of #onlyhebdenknows as to who is entered into that draw!

St Paul’s School, London. 20 competitors
Semi finals: J Aquilina bt S Russell; C Brooks bt T Parker
Final: Aquilina bt Brooks
5th Place: B Kirwan

Derby Moor Fives Club, Derby. 12 competitors
Semi-finals: L Keates bt D Tidy; C Davey bt M Suddaby
Final: Keates bt Davey
Plate: O McIntyre

Blundell’s School, Devon. 5 competitors
Final: O Arnold bt C Low
3rd Place: N Geere

Fettes College, Edinburgh. 16 competitors
Semi-finals: T Watkinson bt A McCreath; A Boyd bt B Jourdan
Final: Watkinson bt Boyd
Plate: T Chan