News from the National U13 Championships

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St Paul’s School, Barnes
Sunday, 10th March 2024

STOP PRESS 36 players entered from 9 schools: Alleyn’s and Alleyn’s Juniors, Berkhamsted, Merchiston Castle, St Paul’s and St Paul’s Juniors, Stamford, Stoke Newington and Whitgift. As usual a Plate and a Bowl competition were held in both Singles and Doubles, guaranteeing all those participating a full day’s play. The later stages of both competitions were dominated by players from Merchiston Castle School, who won the Singles in an all-Merchiston final, and the Doubles at the expense of the pair from St Paul’s Junior School. The RFA’s thanks go to organiser Sam Roberts and to St Paul’s School for hosting the event once more.

Report to follow


U13 Singles

Group 1: 1st  A Prapakaran (Whit); 2nd K Trichur  (SPJun); 3rd R Kavan (Berk); 4th A Roux (All); 5th P Brown (All)
Group 2: 1st J Hammond Giles (SPJun); 2nd C Wigley (All); 3rd D Moon (All); 4th E Morris (Stam)
Group 3: 1st W Gordon (Merch); 2nd R Kinnear (All); 3rd A Murphy (All); 4th G Blench (Whit); 5th T Walton (Stam)
Group 4: 1st J Dunn (Merch); 2nd A Malik (Whit); 3rd A Ratto (All); 4th L Meldrum (All)
Group 5: 1st L McKean (Merch); 2nd N Rao (All); 3rd K Foo (All); 4th R Whitby (Berk); 5th M White (StokeNew) 
Group 6: 1st A Tang (Merch); 2nd M Hunter (Stam); 3rd M Bouzerira (StokeNew); 4th T Crisan (All); 5th I Conde (Berk)
Group 7: 1st T Kininmonth (StokeNew); 2nd O Streather (Stam); 3rd M Wightman (All); 4th D Pradhan (AllJun)
Group 8: 1st D Gilbody (StokeNew); 2nd J Kapil (AllJun); 3rd T Halsall (SPJun); 4th T Vines (Stam)

1st round: Prapakaran bt Kapil 11-0; Hammond Giles bt Streather 11-1; Gordon bt Hunter 11-1; Dunn bt Rao 11-0; McKean bt Malik 11-6; Tang bt Kinnear 11-4; Kininmonth bt Wigley 11-4; Trichur bt Gilbody 11-2
Quarter-finals: Hammond Giles bt Prapakaran 11-2; Dunn bt Gordon 11-2; McKean bt Tang 11-3; Trichur bt Kininmonth 11-3
Semi-finals: Dunn bt Hammond Giles 15-1; McKean bt Trichur 15-3
3rd place play-off: Trichur (SPJun) bt Hammond Giles (SPJun) 15-13
Final: Dunn (Merch) bt McKean (Merch) 11-2, 11-2

Plate final: Ratto (All) bt Blench (Whit) 11-8
Bowl final: Gilbody (StokeNew) bt Malik (Whit) 11-8


1st round: Berkhamsted 1 bt Alleyn’s 3 11-9; Stamford/StPJuniors bt Alleyn’s Juniors 11-6
2nd round: Merchiston 1 bt Alleyn’s 6 11-1; Alleyn’s 4 bt Stoke Newington 2 11-2; Whitgift bt Stamford 2 11-1; Stamford 1 bt Berkhamsted 1 11-3; StPJuniors bt Stamford/StPJuniors 11-4; Merchiston 2 bt Alleyn’s 2 11-1; Alleyn’s 1 bt Whitgift/Berkhamsted 11-1; Stoke Newington 1 bt Alleyn’s 5 11-2
Quarter-finals: Merchiston 1 bt Alleyn’s 4 11-0; Stamford 1 bt Whitgift 11-9; StPJuniors bt Merchiston 2 12-10; Stoke Newington 1 bt Alleyn’s 1 11-6
Semi-finals: Merchiston 1 bt Stamford 1 11-0; StPJuniors bt Stoke Newington 1 11-1
3rd place play-off: Stoke Newington 1 bt Stamford 1 15-9
Final: Merchiston 1 (Dunn & Gordon) bt St Paul’s Juniors (Hammond Giles & Trichur) 15-4

Plate final: Alleyn’s 2 bt Whitgift/Berkhamsted 12-10
Bowl final: Merchiston 2 bt Alleyn’s 4 

Medallists from Merchiston, St Paul’s and Alleyn’s

The successful Merchiston contingent

The Singles champion

Doubles-winning pair from Merchiston Castle School

Doubles finalists from Merchiston and St Paul’s

Plate-winning pair from Alleyn’s School