Success for Alleyn’s and Stamford at the National U13s


Alleyn’s School, Dulwich
Saturday, 14th August 2021

STOP PRESS  It was a clean sweep for Alleyn’s in this season’s delayed National U13 Championships, hosted by Alleyn’s School, with Milo Arie winning the Singles and then the Doubles with his partner and runner-up in the Singles, Archie Shaw.  23 boys contested the championships, with 1 from St Dunstan’s College (SDC), 4 from Edinburgh Academy (EA), 5 from Alleyn’s (AL) and 13 from the Stamford Endowed Schools (SES), who play their fives on squash courts under the guidance of Alex Smith. It was Connor McNaughton from Stamford who won the Singles Plate and then, with schoolmate Rory Jones, the Doubles Plate. Our thanks to Sam Russell, who organised the event and ran proceedings with customary smoothness.


Singles: After a series of matches involving 4 groups a main draw with 16 players emerged and in due course a Plate competition including some early-round losers.

Main Draw

1st round: A Shaw (AL) bt J Mountain (SES) 11-3; C McNaughton (SES) bt P Doherty (AL) 11-3; F James (EA) bt A Baker (SES) 11-1; C Sharpe (SES) bt W Davies (SES) 11-6; M Arie (AL) bt L Todd (SES) 11-1; F Lonie (EA) bt O Zbikowski (EA) 11-10; C Burrows (SES) bt L Shields (AL) 11-6; T Jarrold (EA) bt M Witham (SES) 11-3
Quarter-finals: Shaw bt McNaughton 11-7; James bt Sharpe 11-1; Arie bt Lonie 11-0; Jarrold bt Burrows 11-3
Semi-finals: Shaw bt James 11-8; Arie bt Jarrold 11-0
Final: Arie (Alleyn’s) bt Shaw (Alleyn’s) 15-3

Plate: McNaughton (Stamford) bt James (Edinburgh Academy) 15-8


Quarter-finals: Edinburgh Academy 1 bt Alleyn’s 2 11-4; Stamford 1 bt Stamford 5 11-6; Alleyn’s 1 bt Edinburgh Academy 2 11-3; Stamford 2 bt Stamford 3/4 11-3
Semi-finals: Edinburgh Academy 1 bt Stamford 1 11-4; Alleyn’s 1 bt Stamford 2 11-4
Final: Alleyn’s 1 (Arie & Shaw) bt Edinburgh Academy 1 (James & Jarrold) 15-8

Plate: Stamford 2 (Jones & McNaughton)  bt Stamford 1 (Baker & Sharpe) 16-14

Organiser Sam Russell at work

Alleyn’s champions with their two trophies

Stamford’s Plate winners

Mr Smith’s contingent from Stamford

The spoils