New champions in the Ladies’ U23 Championships

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St Paul’s School, Barnes
Saturday, 11th December 2021

STOP PRESS With Louise Mathias and Shinan Zhang no longer eligible we looked to see new names on the trophies this year. It was Schools champion Martha Nugent who took the Singles title, and Holly Nugent & Savanna Leboff from Cambridge the Doubles. The entry was small but the standard high.  We missed more possible competitors from Durham and Edinburgh but were delighted to have the National Schools Doubles champions from Alleyn’s and a new pair from Oxford. We hope next year to revert to the previous weekend to align with the National Singles, and we look forward now to the Ladies’ National Championships in Manchester in January.



1st round: Lucy Arie bt Viola King Forbes 15-4; Holly Nugent bt Celia Hanna 15-0; Imogen Wright bt Haulwen Goldie-Jones 15-0
Quarter-finals: Martha Nugent bt Arie 15-0; Savanna Leboff bt Katie Innes 15-1; Katie Sumner bt H Nugent 15-12; Ibby Lee bt Wright 15-1
Semi-finals: M Nugent bt Leboff 15-3; Lee bt Sumner 15-9
Final: Martha Nugent bt Ibby Lee 15-3, 15-4


Group A: 1st Imogen Wright; 2nd Viola King Forbes; 3rd Katie Innes; 4th Celia Hanna
Group B: 1st Holly Nugent; 2nd Lucy Arie; 3rd Haulwen Goldie-Jones
Final: Holly Nugent bt Imogen Wright


1st: Savanna Leboff & Holly Nugent — 3 wins. Gold
2nd: Katie Sumner & Imogen Wright — 2 wins. Silver
3rd: Ibby Lee & Viola King Forbes — 1 win. Plate
4th: Haulwen Goldie-Jones & Celia Hanna — no wins.

A great day’s Fives

The organiser speaks

The Singles medallists

Doubles trophy for Holly & Savanna

Doubles Plate for Ibby & Viola

Silver for Durham!

The champion at work

Martha power-serving

Ibby at full throttle

Katie applying the pressure

Power from Imogen

Savanna in action