New rankings: Significant change at the top!


The latest rankings for Singles and Doubles, compiled by Dave Hebden after the West of England Open Championships, show a significant change at the top of the Singles rankings: with his victory at that tournament Will Ellison has overtaken Dan Tristao and now heads both the Singles and the Doubles rankings.

Dan Grant has also overtaken James Toop to go third in the Singles rankings.

Other movers are Ben Beltrami and Matt Shaw, Cambridge freshmen, who have progressed into the top 20 of both sets of rankings, with Ben entering the top 10 for Doubles for the first time.  Theo Parker of Bristol University continues to make progress in the Singles as does David Butler in the Doubles.

Hamish Buchanan has moved up to number 4 in the Doubles ranking at the expense of National Doubles champion Charlie Brooks. Charlie is currently recovering from knee surgery.

There are three new entries in the Doubles list: Wayne Harrison, Chayton Kent and 16 year-old John Halligan from the Derby Moor club.

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