New updated rankings published


Rugby Fives Association, 31st October 2022

Following the West of England Open Championships we publish the newly updated rankings, compiled by Will Ellison, who has kindly taken on this task following the retirement of David Hebden. David had done the job for some 40 years. In recognition of these many years of service to the game, as a player and as a former President of the Association, the RFA was delighted to make David an Honorary Life Member at its recent AGM.

So what else has changed? The Number One Singles spot has gone this time to Ed Kay, who has won the Yorkshire and the West of England Open titles since publication of the end-of-season rankings in July. Ollie Arnold enters the top 10, while Lewis Keates, Chris Davey and Joe Sumner progress into the top 20. There are some rapid rises lower down the rankings, with several players entering the top 40 for the first time. In all there are 193 players registered in these newly constructed Singles rankings. 

In the Doubles rankings Will Ellison, with titles this season in the South West and London Opens, remains comfortably at Number One, and it is Ollie Arnold again who makes the most eye-catching jump in the top 10, with Julian Aquilina and Sam Russell also entering that select group. Joe Sumner and Gwydion Wiseman enter the top 20 for the first time, while we find several new names in the top 40, including Louise Mathias and Helena Tunks. There are 215 names in these Doubles rankings.

Note on the new system

A new ranking system has been implemented for the 2022-23 season onwards, following the retirement of David Hebden from updating the rankings.

Some notes on the methodology:

  • The ranking calculation and methodology broadly follows what was done previously, with a few noteworthy changes.
  • As before, the best three results from the last year are counted with 100% credit, the best three from the previous year with 60% credit and the best three from the year before that with 20% credit.
  • There is no longer any adjustment in singles for beating players with more tournament points than you, or losing to players with fewer points.
  • Points are awarded for reaching different rounds in tournaments. As well as the round reached, the points awarded depend on the tournament classification (National, Regional A-C, Challenger, etc.). This is consistent with before, but the points tables and rules have been revised.
    • The regional letter (A-C) classification in turn depends on the entry size and strength of entry (proportion of total ranking points entering the tournament).
    • U25, University, Handicap Doubles, Challenger and Plate tournaments all have reduced points compared to the equivalent regional tournament classification.
    • As before you need to win a match to gain points related to reaching a certain round – e.g. points for reaching a semi-final points require at least one match win.
    • A notional number of points are awarded for entering a tournament.
  • Final ranking points are scaled, in the same manner as in the previous system.

Please note we now show both the first name and surnames of players. We have a few gaps – so do let us know if you can help fill any of them.

A template will be circulated for organisers to complete – the results can then be copied into the database, which can then be updated very quickly. This also allows the collation of match data over time, as well as automated result output for use on the website.

Dan Tristao and Ed Kay, the top two ranked Singles players

(above: Ollie Arnold and Will Ellison, the top two ranked Doubles players)