New Year Rankings – Tristao takes over at No. 1 in the Singles


Rankings following the National Singles and the Universities Championships (Singles & Doubles)

Updated rankings reflecting results from the Universities Championships held in November and the National Singles held in November (Qualifiers) and December (Finals) have now been posted.

In the singles, the new National champion Dan Tristao takes over from Will Ellison at the top, while elsewhere in the top 10 Ed Kay moves up to 3, Charlie Brooks to 5, and Matt Shaw enters at No. 10. Ed Kay and Charlie Brooks both made the semi-finals of the Singles, while Matt Shaw won the Plate. Singles qualifiers Gareth Price, Anthony Goodwin, Sam Russell, and James Tilston all make good progress in the top 30. Inigo Ackland and James Bristow make welcome returns into the rankings, while Monty Evans and Harveer Mahajan are also new entries.

The doubles rankings show less change since the only new results are from the Universities Doubles where the points awarded are less than that for an Open championship. In the top 10 Parker moves ahead of Butler who did not play in the event. Boyd, Russell, Whitehorn, Thomas, Blackaby, Ashraf and Wordley all make good progress, while Hutt, Mahajan, Manger and Sorensen are new entries.

Several people have been good enough to make suggestions during the year regarding the ranking system, not all of them rude. I am always pleased to receive new ideas and they are not forgotten. Currently my priority is to improve the current system so that the rankings updates are a little less onerous, and after this is done I shall take a look at making further enhancements to the process. Thank you for your patience!


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The official RFA rankings are prepared by Dave Hebden.