News from the Midlands Schools Regional Championships


Bedford School and Bedford Modern School
Sunday, 3rd March 2019 

Bob Dolby reports: In damp weather the organisers made some minor modifications to the schedule so as to complete a full programme of Singles and Doubles across three events: the traditional U18s and U15s, plus a new category — the U13s.

The U18s featured players from Rugby, Oundle, Bedford, Derby Moor and — for the first time — Sedbergh, who were on a weekend tour to the Midlands. It proved a happy hunting ground for them as their senior pair, Taylor McGuire and Andrew Taylor, did the double.

It was the same in the U15s, where a small entry featured players from Rugby, Bedford, Bedford Modern, Derby Moor and Sedbergh, with the Sedbergh pair of James Griffin and Jack Taylor emulating their elders by winning Singles and Doubles.

To cater for a new crop of squash-court fivesplayers at Stamford School and a keen group of relative beginners at Bedford Modern an U13 event was run for 20 players from those two schools. There were action-packed contests in Singles and Doubles, largely dominated by the year-older players from Bedford Modern. No one could get close to Malachi Griffith and his partner Marcus Garcha. However, the great success of the tournament was the huge pleasure all the players clearly derived from the day and the obvious improvement in all the youngsters’ play as they experienced this kind of competition for the first time. 

Our thanks to both schools, to the coaches and masters in charge and to the supportive parents.


U18 Singles

Pool A 1st J Sorensen (Bedford); 2nd T Mosvold (Rugby); 3rd D Baszyliski (Derby Moor); 4th A Zulfqar (Derby Moor)
Pool B 1st T McGuire (Sedbergh); 2nd J Drabble (Rugby); 3= K Awan (Bedford) and T Sloan (Rugby)
Pool C 1st D Ali (Derby Moor); 2nd X Christopher (Rugby); 3rd Williamson (Bedford); 4th A Taylor (Sedbergh)
Pool D 1st AR (Derby Moor); S Stoddart (Rugby); 3rd Pong (Bedford); J Langham (Rugby)
Quarter-finals: Sorensen bt Stoddart 15-6; McGuire bt Christopher 15-1; Drabble bt Ali 15-7; AR bt Mosvold 15-1
Semi-finals: McGuire bt Sorensen 15-2; Drabble bt AR 15-10
Final: McGuire (Sedbergh) bt Drabble (Rugby) 15-0
Plate for 3rd Place: AR (Derby Moor) bt Sorensen (Bedford) 15-8

U18 Doubles

1st round: Oundle I bt Bedford II 11-5; Oundle II bt Rugby III 11-3
Quarter-finals: Sedbergh bt Oundle I 11-3; Rugby I bt Derby Moor II 11-0; Derby Moor I bt Oundle II 11-0; Bedford I bt Rugby II 11-3
Semi-finals: Sedbergh bt Rugby I 11-8; Derby Moor I bt Bedford I 11-5
Final: Sedbergh (McGuire & Taylor) bt Derby Moor (Ali & AR) 15-4
Plate: Rugby II (Sloan & Christopher) bt Bedford II (Williamson & Pong)

U15 Singles

Pool A 1st D McBride (Bedford); 2nd J Taylor (Sedbergh); 3rd W Shingles (Rugby)
Pool B 1st K Mahmood (Derby Moor); 2nd W Harbottle (Rugby); 3rd M Doherty (Bedford Modern)
Pool C 1st J Griffin (Sedbergh); 2nd T Hortop (Rugby); 3rd R Menhart (Bedford)
Pool D 1st C Yates (Derby Moor); 2nd M Molloy (Rugby); 3rd S Masin (Bedford Modern)
Quarter-finals: Molloy bt McBride 11-9; Mahmood bt Hortop 11-1; Griffin bt Harbottle 11-0; Yates bt Taylor 11-8
Semi-finals: Mahmood bt Molloy 11-5; Griffin bt Yates 11-6
Final: Griffin (Sedbergh) bt Mahmood  (Derby Moor) 11-5, 11-2
Plate: Molloy (Rugby) bt Yates (Derby Moor) 15-5
PlatePlate: Menhart (Bedford) bt Shingles (Rugby) 15-6

U15 Doubles

Quarter-finals: Rugby I bye; Sedbergh bye; Rugby II bt Bedford I 15-11; Derby Moor bt Bedford Modern 15-5;
Semi-finals: Sedbergh bt Rugby II 15-3; Rugby I bt Derby Moor 15-6
Final: Sedbergh (Griffin & Taylor) bt Rugby I (Molloy & Harbottle) 15-6
Plate: Derby Moor (Mahmood & Yates) bt Rugby II (Hortop & Shingles) 15-2

U13 Singles — all matches 21 rallies, ‘American scoring’

Pool A 1st: C Drutman (Stamford); 2nd M Garcha (Bedford Modern). Also played: C Selkin (Stamford); P Wienand (Stamford); A Williams (Bedford Modern)
Pool B 1st J Cleary (Bedford Modern); 2nd A Noonari (Bedford Modern). Also played: J Laud (Stamford); E Long (Stamford); M Fletcher (Bedford Modern)
Pool C 1st J Thompson (Bedford Modern); 2nd L Nusair-Palmer (Stamford). Also played: T Pennell (Stamford); T Cowin (Stamford); O Wojciechowski (Stamford)
Pool D 1st M Griffith (Bedford Modern); 2nd C Burgess (Stamford). Also played: W Fraser (Stamford); R Horwood-Palm (Stamford); B Hart (Stamford) 
Quarter-finals: Drutman bt Burgess; Cleary bt Nusair-Palmer; Noonari bt Thompson; Griffith bt Garcha
Semi-finals: Cleary bt Drutman; Griffith bt Noonari
Final: Griffith (Bedford Modern) bt Cleary (Bedford Modern)
Plate for 3rd Place: Drutman (Stamford) bt Noonari (Bedford Modern)

U13 Doubles

1st round: Bedford Modern IV bt Stamford IV 11-4; Bedford Modern III bt Stamford VI 11-0
Quarter-finals: Stamford 1 bt Stamford 5 11-1; Bedford Modern II bt Stamford III 11-5; Bedford Modern IV bt Stamford II 11-3; Bedford Modern I bt Bedford Modern III 11-1
Semi-finals: Bedford Modern II bt Stamford I 11-1; Bedford Modern I bt Bedford Modern IV 11-2
Final: Bedford Modern I (Garcha & Griffith) bt Bedford Modern II (Noonari & Williams) 15-2
Plate: Bedford Modern III bt Stamford II 15-8

Success for Sedbergh!

Rugby’s Doubles Plate winners

More silverware for Derby Moor!

Sedbergh’s U15 champions

Proud Plate winners from Derby Moor

The U13 Stamford contingent