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1st Azkarate Memorial Tournament
San Ignacio Sports Centre, Bilbao, Spain
4th December 2022

Egoitz Campo reports: This Rugby Fives tournament, held on the squash court of the San Ignacio Sports Centre, was to honour the memory of Hilario Azkarate (1935 -2012), a Basque handball (Pelota Vasca) player of the 1960s, the first winner of 6 individual titles. There were five competitors, three from the Basque region, another Spaniard, and one Nicaraguan.

The Singles tournament was played as a round robin with games played to 8 points. Egoitz Campo, the organiser, won all his games and was the overall winner.

The final classification was 1-Egoitz Campo (Basque Country), 2-Diego Martínez (Spain), 3-Alex Martínez (Nicaragua), 4-Joseba Zubiaurre (Basque Country), 5-Samuel Otero (Basque Country). A doubles match was also played, in which Diego and Alex beat Egoitz and Samuel 10-7. The group plan to organise a second Basque Singles Fives Championship in April.