Preliminary details for 2016 Owers Trophy


Owers Trophy

St Paul’s School, Barnes, Saturday October 1st

Organiser Alex Smith writes:
It’s that time of year again!

No, I don’t mean time to get out your board-shorts and sun-tan lotion, or settle down to watch the Test match, I mean it’s time to start thinking about your SQUAD FOR THIS YEAR’S RFA OLD BOYS’ COMPETITION, the OWERS TROPHY!

With the great success of the new three-person format last year, we are hoping to get even more teams involved this year. Don’t forget, you only need three players now; you can form a squad from the same Prep School as well as Senior School; and you can have one current sixth-former playing. Finally, with many good ladies playing now, your team can combine genders too.

So, the questions are:

Will there be new teams appearing this year? Can a team end the Old Paulines’ current string of victories? Who can combine strength and depth? Who will win the plate competition? Who will have the oldest team age? Who the youngest? Is there a “dream” Prep School team out there? Will Old Dunstonians re-emerge? Will the OMTs ever get a team together? Will the Old Whitgiftians be on a walking holiday again? Can we get a Scottish Old Boys Team out?

All this and more, I hope will be answered on Saturday 1st October! And, the entry form will be circulated later this month.