Report from 2023 Basque Doubles Championship


Second Bizkaia Challenge of Rugby Fives (Doubles) 2023
San Ignazio municipal sports center, Bilbao, December 7 2023

The RFA is delighted to report the latest in a series of Rugby Fives competitions held in the Basque Country.
Early last December, the Basque Association of Beach Tennis and Minority Sports organised the Second Bizkaia Challenge of Rugby Fives on the squash court of the San Ignazio municipal sports centre in Bilbao – Basque Country.
Eight players – Javier, Egoitz, Maximo, Daniel, Joseba, Axel, Alain and Andoni – took part. The organisers made up four pairs, who played semi-finals and a final. The matches were short – each one 15 minutes long – but Egoitz Campo tells us that the players hugely enjoyed the experience, despite ending up with sore hands.
The tournament ended up comprising three intense games, but as a result of fatigue, they did not play the match for third and fourth place. Therefore, third position was awarded to the pair who scored the most points while losing in the semi-finals.
The final was very close, and Javier, who was playing Rugby Five for the first time, played very well and hit some great winners. However, in the end Daniel and Egoitz were able to win, but not without having to work hard for it.
If all goes well, in April 2024 the Basques will play the third Basque Rugby Fives Championship. This will be a singles tournament, which will hopefully be followed by a doubles event in July or August.


Semi-finals: Daniel Barrientos & Egoitz Campo bt Alain Ibañez de Opakua & Joseba Zubiaurre 14-11; Javier Muñoz & Maximo Kulachenok bt Andoni Mariezkurrena & Axel Pernett 12-9

Final: Daniel Barrientos & Egoitz Campo bt Javier Muñoz & Maximo Kulachenok 15-10

1: Daniel Barrientos (BAS) & Egoitz Campo (BAS)
2: Javier Muños (BAS) & Maximo Kulachenok (BAS)
3: Alain Ibañez de Opakua (BAS) & Joseba Zubiaurre (BAS)
4: Andoni Mariezkurrena (BAS) & Axel Pernett (COL)