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Oundle School
Sunday, 27 February 2022

Midlands Schools Regional Championships 2022 

Alex Smith reports: After last being played in 2019, the Midlands Schools Regional Championships returned in exciting form to Oundle School, where we were very pleased to see Bedford School, Derby Moor, Oundle School, Rugby School and Stamford Schools entering players.

The senior (U18) competition had a large entry and was hard fought throughout, with Rugby School winning both Singles and Doubles trophies, for the first time since the Midlands Regionals began. 

At the junior end of the tournament, for boys and girls aged U15 and U14, there was not as much variety of school entries, but this did not put any players off, and the singles and doubles involved many tough, long games. Stamford School ended up winning contests against some tough Derby Moor opposition, who themselves managed their share of silverware.


U18 Singles

Group A: 1. J. Crawford (Oundle), 2. B. Cundy (Derby Moor), 3. E. Dunning (Oundle)
Group B: 1. R. Menhart (Bedford), 2. D. Leng (Rugby), 3. B. Preece (Oundle)
Group C: 1. C. Yates (Derby Moor), 2. G. Woodhull (Oundle), 3. V. Bobrakov (Rugby)
Group D: 1. A. Young (Rugby), 2. R. Millard (Oundle), 3. R. Darrell-Brown (Oundle)

Quarter-finals: R. Menhart (Bedford) bt G. Woodhull (Oundle) 11-2, D. Leng (Rugby) bt J Crawford (Oundle) 11-3, A. Young (Rugby) bt B. Cundy (Derby Moor) 11-2, C. Yates (Derby Moor) bt R. Millard (Oundle) 11-8
Semi-finals: A. Young bt C. Yates 11-2, R. Menhart bt D. Leng 11-2
Final: A. Young (Rugby) bt R. Menhart (Bedford) 15-1.
Plate: V. Bobrakov (Rugby)

U18 Doubles

Group A: 1. Rugby, 2. Oundle II, 3. Oundle III
Group B: 1. Bedford/Rugby, 2. Oundle I, 3. Derby Moor
Final: Rugby School (Young & Leng) bt Oundle School I (Crawford & Millard)
Plate: Derby Moor (Cundy & Yates)

U15 Boys’ Singles

Quarter-finals: C. Burgess (Stamford) bt H. Wright (Stamford) 11-4, O. Collett (Stamford) bt D. Britton (Stamford) 11-8, K. Davins (Derby Moor) bt T. Cowin (Stamford) 11-8, C. Drutman (Stamford) bt E. Watson (Derby Moor) 11-1
Semi finals: C. Drutman bt K. Davins 11-5, C. Burgess bt O. Collett 11-3.
Final: C. Burgess (Stamford) bt C. Drutman (Stamford) 11-6.
2022 Plate: T. Cowin (Stamford)
2021 Plate: K. Davins (Derby Moor)

U15 Boys’ Doubles

Gold (Winners): Stamford School I (Burgess & Drutman)
Silver (Runners-up): Stamford School III (Collett & Wright)
2022 Plate: Stamford School II (Cowin & Britton)
2021 Plate: Derby Moor (Davins & Watson)

U15 Girls’ Singles

Gold (Winner): J. Withers (Stamford High School)
Silver (Runner-up): G. Cameron (Stamford High School)
Plate: E. Green (Stamford High School)

U15 Girls’ Doubles

Gold (Winners): Stamford HS I (Withers & Cameron)
Silver (Runners-up): Stamford HS II (Green & Gibbs)

U14 Boys’ Singles (all Stamford)

Quarter-finals: C. McNaughton bt Bogan 11-2, R. Jones bt Sharpe 11-7, H. Jones bt E. Hunter 11-9, C. Burrows bt R. Vines 11-1
Semi-finals: McNaughton bt R. Jones 11-9, Burrows bt H. Jones 12-10
Final: C. Burrows (Stamford) bt C. McNaughton (Stamford) 11-4
Plate: E. Hunter (Stamford)

U14 Boys’ Doubles

Gold (Winners): Stamford I (McNaughton & Sharpe)
Silver (Runners-up): Stamford II (Burrows & Hunter)
Plate: Stamford III (R. Jones & Vines)

U14 Girls’ Singles (all Stamford High School)

Quarter-finals: E. Tyler bt A. Williams 11-0, F. Cavaciuti bt P. Thapa 11-6
Semi-finals: B. Grindal bt E. Tyler 11-2, M. Stevens bt F. Cavaciuti 11-1
Final: B. Grindal bt M. Stevens 11-1
Plate: E. Tyler

U14 Girls’ Doubles

Gold (Winners): Stamford HS I (Grindal & Stevens)
Silver (Runners-up): Stamford HS II (Tyler & Cavaciuti)
Plate: Stamford HS III (Wright & Thapa)

No lack of effort!

Singles action

Superb viewing facilities at Oundle School

Stamford’s U15 Singles champion

Stamford win the U15 Doubles

Stamford’s U15 Doubles Plate winners

Derby Moor’s U15 Singles Plate winner