Results from the National Schoolgirls’ Championships


Marlborough College, Wiltshire
Sunday, 23rd April 2018

The 9th National Championships for Schoolgirls’ Rugby Fives saw a healthy entry of players from 8 schools, though this year no representatives from Eastbourne, Fettes, Rossall or Sedbergh. The standard undoubtedly continues to rise, and players are improving not just from year to year but visibly develop their skills as the day goes on.

Marlborough had a very successful day in the U18s, with Ibby Lee successfully defending her singles title and also the doubles title with Anna Laakkonen. In the U16s the  Marlborough 1st pair of Barton & Bell upset the much fancied Bedford Modern partnership of Kent & Sumner in a marvellous final which could have gone either way at 12-12. Katie Sumner had the consolation of winning the U16 singles title comfortably, however.

Alleyn’s dominated the U14s and U13s, with a clean sweep of singles and doubles in both, with Innes & Nugent and Davey & Stephens respectively showing great promise for the future.

Rugby were as competitive as ever, particularly in the senior category, where Anastasia de Clermont gave Ibby Lee a real test in the final, coming back from 7-13 to 13-all before succumbing to her opponent’s greater power.

Christ’s Hospital brought their usual large group of beginners who will have gone away with valuable experience and increased skills, while a 10-strong contingent from Edinburgh Academy made the long trip south, with year-young Meryl Smith confirming her promise by winning the U18 singles plate.

Aldenham fielded a junior pair who gained valuable experience in a version of fives with which they are largely unfamiliar, and Malvern managed to bring a pair at the end of a season when the courts have been out of action during a much needed refurbishment.

The RFA’s thanks go to organiser Alex Smith and his team of masters-in-charge who ran the 4 categories during the day. We look forward to celebrating the 10th championships next year, with a potentially record entry.


U18 Singles

1st round: A. Denton (Rugby) bt R.Elliot (Edinburgh Academy) 11-4; N.Stokes (Edinburgh Academy) bt D.Stark (Edinburgh Academy) 11-2
Quarter-finals: I.Lee (Marlborough) bt Denton 11-0; F.Harrison (Rugby) bt M.Smith (Edinburgh Academy) 11-9; Clermont (Rugby) bt Stokes 11-1; A.Laakkonen (Marlborough) bt M.Harte (Rugby) 11-0
Semi-finals: Lee bt Harrison 11-2; de Clermont bt Laakkonen 11-1
Final: Lee bt de Clermont 15-13
Plate: Smith bt Harte 15-3

U18 Doubles

Pool A: 1st Rugby I (de Clermont & Harte); 2nd Edinburgh Academy I (Smith & O.Tofts); 3rd Edinburgh Academy III (Stark & Stokes)
Pool B: 1st Marlborough I (Laakkonen & Lee); 2nd Rugby II (Denton & Harrison); 3rd Edinburgh Academy II (Elliot & M.McWatters-Reed
Semi-finals: Rugby II bt Rugby I 15-4; Marlborough I bt Edinburgh Academy I 15-2
Final: Marlborough I bt Rugby II 15-12
Plate: Rugby I bt Edinburgh Academy I 16-15

U16 Singles

1st round: F.Millar (Edinburgh Academy) bt E.Macdonald (Aldenham) 11-1; S.Lambert (Christ’s Hospital) bt la Hey (rugby) 11-7; H.Richards (Rugby) bt A.Calder (Edinburgh Academy) 11-4; A.Doroshenko (Malvern) bt M.McWatters-Reed 11-0
2nd round: K.Sumner (Bedford Modern) bt Millar 11-0; K.Bell (Marlborough) bt A.Day (Rugby) 11-2; O.Tofts (Edinburgh Academy) bt Lambert 11-1; S.Lundie (Edinburgh Academy) bt L.Browne (Malvern) 11-6; A.Alli (Christ’s Hospital) bt Richards 11-0; Z.Elliot (Edinburgh Academy) bt Z.Freedman (Aldenham) 11-1; Doroshenko bt Barton (Marlborough) 11-8; M.Kent (Bedford Modern) bt S.McGuinness (Rugby) 11-2
Quarter-finals: Sumner bt Bell 11-0; Tofts bt Lundie 11-8; Alli bt Elliot 11-8; Kent bt Doroshenko 12-11
Semi-finals: Sumner bt Tofts 11-0; Alli bt Kent 11-9
Final: Sumner bt Alli 15-3
Plate: Day bt Browne 11-0

U16 Doubles

Pool A: 1st Christ’s Hospital (A.Alli & S.Lambert); 2nd Marlborough (L.Barton & K.Bell); 3rd Rugby I (A.Day & S.McGuinness)
Pool B: 1st Bedford Modern (M.Kent & K.Sumner); 2nd Edinburgh Academy II (A.Calder & F.Millar); 3rd Aldenham (Z.Freedman & E.Macdonald)
Pool C: 1st Edinburgh Academy I (Z.Elliot & S.Lundie); 2nd Malvern  (L.Browne & A.Doroshenko); 3rd Rugby II ( la Hey & H.Richards)
Quarter-finals: Christ’s Hospital bt Aldenham 11-0; Bedford Modern bt Malvern 11-4; Marlborough I bt Edinburgh Academy II 11-0; Edinburgh Aacademy I bt Rugby I 11-5
Semi-finals: Bedford Modern bt Christ’s Hospital 11-5; Marlborough bt Edinburgh Academy I 11-7
Final: Marlborough bt Bedford Modern 15-12
Plate: Malvern bt Rugby 11-4

U14 Singles

Quarter-finals: R.Curtis (Marlborough) bt Moorcroft (Christ’s Hospital) 11-5; K.Innes (Alleyn’s) bt M.Hornby (Marlborough College) 11-1; L.Arie (Alleyn’s) bt M.Stewart (Marlborough College) 11-2; M.Nugent (Alleyn’s) bt M.Smith (Marlborough) 11-0
Semi-finals: Innes bt Curtis 11-4; Nugent bt Arie 11-2
Final: Nugent bt Innes 11-1
Plate: Stewart bt Smith 11-9

U14 Doubles

Pool A: 1st Alleyn’s (Innes & Nugent); 2nd Marlborough II (Curtis & Stewart); 3rd Christ’s Hospital (Lane & Moorcroft)
Pool B: 1st Alleyn’s/Marlborough (L.Arie & I.Price); 2nd Marlborough I (Hornby & Smith); 3rd Rugby (Harrison & Neal)
Semi-finals: Alleyn’s bt Rugby 11-1; Marlborough I bt Marlborough II 11-9
Final: Alleyn’s bt Marlborough I 11-1
Plate: Alleyn’s/Marlborough bt Marlborough II 11-3

U13 Singles

Pool A: 1st C.Stephens (Alleyn’s); 2nd I.Rigg (Christ’s Hospital) ; 3rd A.Demby (Christ’s Hospital); 4th S.Agbedu (Christ’s Hospital)
Pool B: 1st C.Davey (Alleyn’s); 2nd I.Coote (Christ’s Hospital); 3rd H.Spring (Christ’s Hospital) ; 4th H.Caunter (Christ’s Hospital)
Semi-finals: Stephens bt Coote 11-3; Davey bt Rigg 11-2
Final: Davey bt Stephens 11-7
Plate: Spring bt Demby 11-3

U13 Doubles

1st Alleyn’s (Davey & Stephens); 2nd Christ’s Hospital I (Coote & Rigg); 3rd Christ’s Hospital II (Demby & Spring); 4th Christ’s Hospital III (Agbedu & Caunter)

Double Gold for Marlborough

Double Gold for Marlborough

Well worth the trip!

Well worth the trip!

Gold & Silver for Bedford Modern

Gold & Silver for Bedford Modern

Silverware for SE22

Silverware for SE22


The Scottish Raiders

The Scottish Raiders