Results from the Northern Schools Regionals

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Durham University Courts, The Racecourse
Saturday, 4th February 2023

Organiser Julie McIntyre reports: Entrants from Sedbergh School, Manchester Y Club and the City of Durham Fives Club took part in the RFA Northern Schools’ tournament this year. Durham provided two female entrants, continuing the trend of mixed games which has been a feature of RFA competitions this season.

Sedbergh (Archie Glover) and Manchester (Val Fikhter) provided the gold medal winners this year in the U18 and U16 categories, with a very strong showing from both players. The entry numbers meant that the two rounds were played across both age groups, with Archie and Val having a close match in the second group. Eleanora Vallascas of Durham used all her skill, despite being the youngest competitor, to battle through to the U16 bronze in the third group.

The U18 doubles final was a highly entertaining arm-wrestle between Archie Glover & Sam Follett from Sedbergh, and Imogen Wright & Val Fikhter, a scratch pair from Durham and Manchester, which went to Sedbergh 11-12, 11-8, 12-10!

A merit point also goes to Mr Follett for being the oldest competitor in the U16 doubles, in order to make sure everyone could compete.

All games were played in the proper spirit, and a special mention goes to Phoenix Ogilvie-Robertson and Nico Sorrosal for keeping the fun in Fives. 


U18 Gold: A Glover (Sedbergh)
U18 Silver: S Follett (Sedbergh)
U18 Bronze: I Wright (City of Durham)

U16 Gold: V Fikhter (Manchester Y Club)
U16 Silver: O Griffin (Sedbergh)
U16 Bronze: E Vallascas (City of Durham)


U18 Gold: A Glover & S Follett (Sedbergh)
U18 Silver: Not awarded
U18 Bronze: V Fikhter & I Wright (Manchester/Durham)

U16 Gold: O Griffin & E Williams (Sedbergh)
U16 Silver: P Ogilvie-Robertson & N Sorrosal (Sedbergh)
U16 Bronze: R Follett & E Vallascas (Sedbergh/Durham)

The assembled medallists

Manchester’s U16 Singles champion

Durham’s medal winners

U16 Doubles medallists

U16 Singles medallists – Sedbergh, Manchester and Durham

U18 Singles medallists

U18 Doubles medallists

Action from the U18 Doubles