RFA beat the Winchester Fives Association in annual encounter


Winchester College, 2nd November 2014

Harry Akerman reports: We had a cracking match at Winchester today between the RFA and the WFA. Last year we lost by 20 points and although this time we lost by 27 points there were many many good games. Only in four of the 20 matches did the losing pair not get at least 8 points and and  can be seen from the attached scores no one pair let themselves down. Thanks very much to those who came a long way for this match: David Butler from Durham, Stephen Coffey from Malvern, Ben Beltrami and Ed Kay from Cambridge and most of the rest from London. It is an excellent fixture and, of course, next year the WFA team will be leaner and fitter, looking for revenge!

Scores (WFA names first):

W. Ellison & W. Akerman beat S. Roberts & H. Buchanan 15-6, 10-15; lost to E. Kay & B. Beltrami 8-15; beat M. Cavanagh & G. Price 15-12; beat J. Tilston & C. Burrows 15-10 (63-58)

D. Butler & E. Hawke lost to Kay & Beltrami 11-15, 13-15; lost to Cavanagh & Price 8-15; beat Tilston & Burrows 15-9; lost to Roberts & Buchanan 10-15 (57-69)

M. Mohammed & H. Akerman lost to Cavanagh & Price 15-9, 6-15; beat Tilston & Burrows 16-14; lost to Roberts & Buchanan 10-15; lost to Kay & Beltrami 10-15 (57-68)

J. Pearce-Smith & S. Coffey beat Tilston & Burrows 15-10, 15-8; lost to Roberts & Buchanan 4-15; lost to Kay & Beltrami 6-15; lost to Cavanagh & Price 13-15 (53-63)

RFA win 258 – 230

RFA v WFA November 2014 500across