Shinan does the double at the Ladies Winchester Fives Championships

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Malvern College
Sunday, 26th June 2022

STOP PRESS The twice delayed Ladies’ Winchester Fives Championships experienced a further setback when Louise Mathias suffered a serious wrist injury in the Doubles and had to retire, along with her partner, organiser and defending champion Maddy Raynor. This opened up the draw for new champions to emerge: Shinan Zhang in the Singles and Shinan & Helena Tunks in the Doubles.

Report to come


Shinan Zhang, Louise Mathias, Maddy Raynor, Helena Tunks, Karen Hird, Rachel Wood, Serin Hartopp, Tilly Stevens, Bea Grindal, Ruby Wright, Ellie Barker


Round robin:
Zhang & Tunks bt Hird & Wood 15-10; bt Stevens & Grindal 15-2; bt Wright & Barker 15-0
Hird & Wood bt Stevens & Grindal 15-1; bt Wright & Barker 15-3
Stevens & Grindal bt Wright & Barker 15-6
Mathias & Raynor bt Stevens & Grindal 15-0; bt Wright & Barker 15-0; Mathias & Raynor retired 8-8 against Zhang & Tunks

Final: S.Zhang & H.Tunks bt K.Hird & R.Wood 11-5, 11-7
Plate Final: T.Stevens & B.Grindal bt R.Wright & E.Barker 11-0, 11-8



Preliminary round: Wright bt Stevens 11-8
Quarter-finals: Raynor bt Hartopp 15-1; Tunks bt Wood 15-11; Hird bt Grindal 15-8; Zhang bt Wright 15-2
Semi-finals : Tunks bt Raynor 15-12; Zhang bt Hird 15-4
Final: S. Zhang bt H. Tunks 11-2, 11-9

Singles Plate

S.Hartopp retired (hospital run)

Round Robin:

Wright bt Stevens 11-7
Grindal bt Stevens 11-4; bt Wright 11-1
Wood bt Grindal 11-1; bt Stevens 11-1; bt Wright 11-2

1st R.Wood 33 Points; 2nd B.Grindal 23 Points; 3rd R.Wright 14 points; 4th T.Stevens 12 points

The champions