The new Rugby Fives ball comes on stream


The Rugby Fives Association
7th November 2018

A Message from Howard Wiseman at Glove and Balls

We are pleased to announce that the new Rugby Fives ball is now available. These are being made as a full-time occupation for a Swiss craftsman, Mark, who is a Fives enthusiast and will supply a constant stock to keep up with demand!

The new Wiseman ball is being made with the same machinery and materials as the previous G6 ball. The formula has been very slightly adjusted. The intention is to produce a more consistent weight and bounce with the product. It is also intended that the ball produces even better rewards for a good-length shot and well executed drop-shots too. The balls are expected to last a good length of time, without losing their bounce, exactly the same as the previous G6 ball.There is even a reversed-leather covering available so that the ball will not skid when new on very smooth courts. One of these balls will be provided in each ten purchased unless requested otherwise (more or none!). 

A group of people is now familiar with the manufacturing process, and it is hoped that the future of British-made Rugby Fives balls is now secure for generations to come, A range of special edition coverings will be launched in May, and special requests will be considered!

The price is £12.50 per ball or £120 for a box of 10.

We hope that you enjoy the new Wiseman ball and that your Fives is all the more exciting for playing with it!

With best wishes to the entire Fives Community!

The Gloves & Balls Company

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