The RFA enters the niche world of Podcasting


Rugby Fives Association
May-June 2020

During the period of virus-enforced inactivity some of the younger players have created a series of Fives Podcasts. One of them is Matt Shaw, who writes as follows:

In the midst of lockdown, four Fives players came together to go where no other Fives player had gone before… into the incredibly niche world of Podcasting, and they decided to make it even more niche by creating ‘The Fives Pod’.

Dave [Butler], Matt [Shaw], Sam [Russell] and Theo [Parker] chat about everything that’s going on in the Fives world, ranging from profiles on legendary players to guest panel shows, and they have even managed to interview the infamous Fives Pub Quiz organiser. Growing from a listener base of one, #WattysBigRightHand, the Fives Pod now has over 100 weekly listeners and rumours are circulating about a possible sponsorship deal with Ambrosia custard… oh wait, that was simply Dan Grant’s lockdown daydream. That aside, tune in as we’ve got everything covered including Fives Player Top Trumps, obscure sports that Sam Russell hasn’t played and a whole host of Fives stories from all around the country.

Speaking of, for our latest episode we travel up to Scotland to visit Richie Murby and Hector McFarlane who have been helping to grow the Scottish game. So much so in fact that we can reveal the launch of the ‘Calcutta Cup’ for Fives between England and Scotland.

On this pod, we discuss the growth of the Scottish schools and which players we think will make the line-ups for the first international match. Categories are 2x U23s, 2x Ladies, 2x Open, 2x Wildcard, let us know your line-ups for an English VIII or a Scotland VIII at and who you think will win!

You can listen on Apple Podcasts; Buzzsprout or Spotify.  Keep an eye out for more podcasts advertised on the RFA Twitterfeed. They can be accessed on the Homepage of this RFA website.

The list of podcasts so far:

May 21 The Best Sport You’ve Never Heard Of
May 22 That Hamish Buchanan Episode
May 30 That ‘Fighting Talk’ Panel Episode
June 6   The Man behind the Fives Pub Quiz
June 13 That Dave Fox Episode
June 20 That Where is Theo Parker Episode
June 27 That England versus Scotland Episode

This list will be updated weekly.

July 4   That Durham Fives Episode
July 11 That Derby Moor Episode
July 18 That West of England Episode