The Rugby Fives Association, March 2016

The RFA is delighted to launch Women’s Rankings for Rugby Fives.

The rankings have been prepared by a director of the RFA, Chris Burrows, using a specially designed programme, and will be up-dated after each of the 7 ranking events which we have identified:

The Ladies National Singles and Doubles in January; the Ladies Winchester Fives Singles and Doubles in March; the National Girls’ U18 Singles and Doubles in April; and the Mixed Winchester Doubles in May.

They are restricted to players aged 16 and over.

The initial set of rankings published here reflects participation and performance in the above events since January 1st 2015. We expect the number of players listed to increase over the next years as female players enter more tournaments.

This season has been a record-breaking one for Women’s Fives, with larger-than-hitherto numbers playing in the above events and in the Lady’s Cup in October. We have seen female players taking part in the South West Open at Blundell’s and in the National Winchester Fives Doubles championships at Malvern. We have also seen the first IV-a-side Ladies Varsity Match between Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

We very much hope that this trend will continue and that we are entering an exciting period in the history of the game.

Click here to see the Rankings as at 27th March 2016