Multiple winners at a busy South East Open and Challenger

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Christ’s Hospital, Horsham
Saturday, 26th August 2023

Ed Kay won his third South East Open Singles title, beating Ben Beltrami in the final. Bart Callaghan won the Plate final versus Vishal Singh. In the Doubles it was a new pairing, Bart Callaghan & Anthony Goodwin, who took the title, beating Lewis Keates & Charlie Lacewing. The Doubles Plate went to Tim Hebblethwaite & Morgan Spillane, while at the end of a long day’s play Emrys Thursfield won the Singles Challenger title at the expense of Nick Woolfenden.

Full report to come.



1st round: E Kay bt B Callaghan  11-1, 11-3, A Goodwin bt C Lacewing 11-7, 11-5, J Sumner bt E Hatton  11-12, 11-1, 11-1; E Thursfield bt V Singh 7-11, 11-3, 11-3; T Watkinson bt C Beattie 11-1, 11-0
Quarter-finals: Kay bt Goodwin 11-2, 11-3; L Keates bt Sumner 11-4, 11-9; B Beltrami bt Thursfield 11-0, 11-1; Watkinson bt N Geere 11-1, 11-1
Semi-finals: Kay bt Keates 11-2, 11-0; Beltrami bt Watkinson 11-8, 11-3
Final: Kay bt Beltrami 11-6, 11-4

Singles Plate

Group A: 1st Singh; 2nd Geere; 3rd Lacewing  
Group B: 1st Callaghan; 2nd Hatton; 3rd Beattie 
Final: Callaghan bt Singh 11-1, 11-4


Group A: 1st L Keates & C Lacewing 33 pts; 2nd A Evans & T Watkinson 26 pts; 3rd C Blakeley & V Singh 21 pts; 4th B Beltrami & A Amine-Piekos 13 pts
Group B: 1st B Callaghan & A Goodwin 33 pts; 2nd T Hebblethwaite & M Spillane 26 pts; 3rd C Beattie & E Thursfield 13 pts; 4th N Geere & N Woolfenden 10 pts
Final: Callaghan & Goodwin bt Keates & Lacewing 11-7, 11-5

Doubles Plate: 1st Hebblethwaite & Spillane 33 pts; 2nd Beattie & Thursfield 27 pts; 3rd Geere & Woolfenden 23 pts; 4th Blakeley & Singh 10 pts

Challenger Singles

Group: 1st Thursfield; 2nd Woolfenden; 3rd Lacewing; 4th Geere

Final: Thursfield bt Woolfenden 11-8

Ed Kay wins the SE Open Singles for a third time

The Singles finalists, Ben and Ed

Singles Plate winner Bart Callaghan

Anthony Goodwin & Bart Callaghan win the Doubles

Doubles runners-up Charlie Lacewing & Lewis Keates

Morgan Spillane & Tim Hebblethwaite win the Doubles Plate

Challenger Singles winner Emrys Thursfield with organiser Ed Hatton

Anthony Goodwin versus Charlie Lacewing

Vishal Singh at full stretch

Emrys Thursfield in early Singles action