Titles for Christ’s Hospital, Rugby, Malvern and Bedford Modern …….


….. at the Girls’ Championships at Marlborough, April 19th 2015

STOP PRESS: Girls from Christ’s Hospital won the U18 Singles, the U14 Singles and Doubles, and the U13 Singles, while Malvern picked up the U16 Singles and Doubles. There was one title each for Rugby (the U18 Doubles) and for Bedford Modern School in their first appearance at these championships: their pair won the U13 Doubles.


In the senior section there was  small entry. Louise Mathias of Christ’s Hospital maintained her dominance of the age-group by adding the U18 Singles title to the U16, U14 and U13 won in previous years. Her opponent in the final, Milly Richards from Rugby, had the consolation of winning the Doubles with Kate Broad.

In the U16s there was a pleasingly high standard, but from the start it was clear that Amelia Law and Cassie Bedford of Malvern were the ones to beat, and so it proved in the Doubles. In the Singles Lottie Harbottle from Rugby gave Amelia a decent game in the final and picked up the Plate in the Doubles with her partner Nush Mehta.

The U14s proved a happy hunting ground for Christ’s Hospital, with last year’s U13 champion Angelina Green winning the Singles and picking up the Doubles with a new partner, Jordanna Joseph. Marlborough took silver in both events.

The U13s proved a difficult area for organiser Alex Smith to complete in the time allotted as left hands were generally weak and the service dominated heavily. It may be that next year we might make some changes in this part of the draw, starting with the Doubles so as to give all competitors a chance to get an early feel for the courts and the ball. As it was, the Singles section this year produced a worthy winner in the powerful Aisha Alli from Christ’s Hospital and then there was a thrilling Doubles final in which the surprise pairing of Maddie Kent and Katie Sumner from Bedford Modern pipped Aisha and her partner Matilda Reynolds.

This year, for various reasons mostly connected with the calendar, there were no players from Sedbergh, Oundle, Rossall or Eastbourne. If next year these schools were to be represented it would be an even finer festival of Girls’ Fives.



U18 Singles
Group stages:
Group A: 1. L. Mathias (Christ’s Hospital) 2. K. Broad (Rugby) 3. K. Martin (Rugby) 4. K. Rolls (Marlborough)
Group B: 1. M. Richards (Rugby) 2. A. Flood (Aldenham) 3. J. Jones (Marlborough) 4. D. Treloar (Christ’s Hospital)

Knockout rounds:
Semi Finals: Mathias bt Flood 15-4, Richards bt Broad 15-9,
Final: Mathias bt Richards 15-3
Plate: Broad bt Flood 15-8

U18 Doubles
Group stage:
1.Rugby bt Aldenham, 2. Christ’s Hospital bt Aldenham, 3. Rugby bt Christ’s Hospital
Winners: Rugby

U18 Trophies

Singles Doubles
U18 Paula Smith Cup  Simon Eckert Memorial Trophy
Gold Louise Mathias (Christ’s Hospital) Rugby (Broad & Richards)
Silver Milly Richards (Rugby) Christ’s Hospital (Mathias & Treloar)
Bronze Kate Broad (Rugby) Aldenham School (Flood & Patel)


U16 Singles
Group stages:
Group A: 1. Maisie Harte (Rugby) 2. Phoebe Thornhill (Christ’s Hospital) 3. Cosi Bugel (Marlborough)
Group B: 1. Lottie Harbottle (Marlborough) 2. Ynys Barnard-Masterson (CH) 3. Anna Laakonen (Marlborough) 4. Reshmi Patel (Aldenham)
Group C: 1. Amelia Law (Malvern) 2. Beatrix Crinnion (CH) 3. Kirti Mehta (Rugby)
Group D: 1. Cassie Bedford (Malvern) 2. Izzy Lee (Rugby) 3. Anastasia de Clermont (Rugby) 4. Stella Saunt-Hills (CH)

Semi-Finals: Law bt Thornhill, Harbottle bt Lee
Final: Amelia Law (Malvern) bt Lottie Harbottle (Rugby) 15-5
Plate: Thornhill bt Lee 15-3

U16 Doubles
Group Stages
Group A: 1. Malvern 2. Rugby II 3. Christ’s Hospital II
Group B: 1. Christ’s Hospital I 2. Rugby I, 3. Marlborough

Knock-out rounds
Final: Malvern (Law & Bedford) bt Christ’s Hospital I (Thornhill & Crinnion) 15-11
Plate: Rugby I (Harbottle & Mehta) bt Rugby II (Lee & de Clermont)

U16 Trophies

Singles Doubles
U16 Melanie Whitehead Cup  Denise Hall-Wilton Trophy
Gold Amelia Law (Malvern) Malvern (Law & Bedford)
Silver Lottie Harbottle (Rugby) Christ’s Hospital I (Thornhill & Crinnion)
Bronze Phoebe Thornhill (CH) Rugby I (Harbottle & Mehta)


U14 Singles
Group rounds:
Group A: 1. E. Conway (Aldenham) S. Odusote (CH) P. Miles (Marlborough)
Group B: 1. M. Jeveons (Marlborough) 2. R. Lewis (CH) 3. D. Okeowo (Aldenham)
Group C: 1. A. Green (CH) 2. L. Beckett (Marlborough) 3. I. Shuker (Marlborough)
Group D: 1. J. Joseph (CH) 2. L. Wollocombe (Marlborough) 3. A. Thomas (Marlborough)

Knock-out rounds:
Quarter-finals: Conway bt Lewis 11-0, Jeveons bt Odusote 11-3, Joseph bt Beckett 11-2, Green bt Wollacombe 11-0
Semi-finals: Jeveons bt Conway 11-3, Green bt Joseph 11-3
Final: Angelina Green (Christ’s Hospital) bt Maya Jeveons (Marlborough)
Plate: Jordanna Joseph (Christ’s Hospital) bt Emma Conway (Aldenham)

U14 Doubles
Group rounds:
Group A: 1. Marlborough I 2. Aldenham 3. Christ’s Hospital II
Group B: 1. Christ’s Hospital 2. Marlborough II 3. Marlborough/Malvern

Knock-out rounds
Semi-finals: Christ’s Hospital I bt Aldenham 11-1, Marlborough I bt Marlborough II 11-0
Final: Christ’s Hospital (Green &) bt Marlborough I (Jeveons & Miles)
Plate: Aldenham bt Marlborough II 11-7

U14 Trophies

Singles Doubles
U14 Gardner Cup  Beaman Cup 
Gold Angelina Green (Christ’s Hospital) Christ’s Hospital (Green & Joseph)
Silver Maya Jeveons (Marlborough) Marlborough I (Jeveons & Miles)
Bronze Jordanna Joseph (Christ’s Hospital) Aldenham (Conway & Okeowo)


U13 Singles
Group rounds:
Group A: 1. K. Sumner (Bedford Modern) 2. O. Bruce (Rugby) 3. Z. Freedman (Aldenham)
Group B: 1. A. Day (Rugby) 2. M. Kent (Bedford Modern) 3. Z. Brown (Aldenham)
Group C: 1. A. Alli (CH), 2. M. Rees (Aldenham), 3. E. Gillespie (Aldenham)
Group D: 1. M. Reynolds (CH) J. Whitehead (Blundell’s) 3. S. McMahon (Aldenham) 4. I. Simpson (Aldenham)

Knock-out rounds:
Quarter-finals: Sumner bt Whitehead 11-0, Alli bt Kent 11-4, Day bt Freedman 11-4, Reynolds bt Bruce 11-4
Semi-finals: Aisha Alli (Christ’s Hospital) bt Katie Sumner (Bedford Modern) 11-7, Alice Day (Rugby) bt Matilda Reynolds 12-10
Final: Aisha Alli (Christ’s Hospital) bt Alice Day (Rugby) 11-4
Plate: Maddie Kent (Bedford Modern) bt Zoe Freedman (Aldenham) 12-11

U13 Doubles
Knock-out rounds:
Semi-finals: Bedford Modern bt Rugby 11-6, Christ’s Hospital bt Aldenham I 11-7
Final: Bedford Modern bt Christ’s Hospital 11-7
Plate: Aldenham I bt Rugby

U13 Trophies

Singles Doubles
U13 Cambridge Cup  Oxford Cup 
Gold Aisha Alli (Christ’s Hospital) Bedford Modern (Sumner & Kent)
Silver Alice Day (Rugby) Christ’s Hospital (Alli & Reynolds)
Bronze Maddie Kent (Bedford Modern) Aldenham I (Freedman & Brown)