Tussle at the top in the end-of-season Women’s rankings


The Rugby Fives Association
June 20th 2017

The RFA is delighted to publish the end-of-season rankings for Women’s Fives.

They show the continued see-sawing at the top between our closely matched champions Tessa Mills and Kathleen Briedenhann, and also the close rivalry between Maddy Raynor and Alexandra Steel just below them.

After Kathleen had garnered critical points with her victory in the Ladies’ Winchester Fives Singles, back came Tessa with a points-winning victory in the Winchester Fives Mixed Doubles, while Alexandra’s silver-medal performance in that event was just not quite enough to make up ground she had lost to Maddy earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, after the National Girls’ Championships, the new U18 champion Ibby Lee from Marlborough College climbs into the top 10 and with her comes Phoebe Thornhill of Christ’s Hospital, her opponent in the singles final.

Other schoolgirls make steady progress after their performances in their championships: Anna Laakkonen (Marlborough – 14), Anastasia de Clermont (Rugby – 18), Holly Nugent (Alleyn’s – 19), and most particularly Maisie Harte (Rugby – up to 29 from 54), while ex-Cambridge Eton Fives player Karen Hird (22) benefits from a strong performance at the Winchester Mixed Doubles.

The next ranking event will be the Ladies’ National Singles and Doubles Championships at St. Paul’s in January.