Upcoming Manchester Fives Club Dinner on Saturday 17th November

A message from Peter Woods at the Manchester Y Club
Good day, friends of Manchester Fives!
During recent discussions whilst we were under threat of losing one of the Fives Courts, it was agreed we need to look at new fund-raising initiatives.
As a result, a Dinner will take place in the Marquee at the Castlefield Hotel on Saturday, 17th November 2018. The intention is to raise funds for the Manchester Rugby Fives Club and The Y Club equally. 
For details of the planned event please see our poster below! 
Ann Shannon at the Castlefield Hotel has kindly agreed to coordinate the guest list (we’re trying to minimise costs, so not producing tickets) so please contact her on ann@castlefield-hotel.co.uk to order and pay for your Dinner.
Thanks in advance for your support and let’s have a great evening!
Best Regards,
 Peter Woods President YMCA Fives Club. Mobile: 0797 012 1032 ; Email: pmwoodies@gmail.com