Winchester College players dominate West of England Schools event


Sherborne School, Dorset
9-10 January 2016

Giles Munn’s young players from Winchester College produced a remarkable set of results at the West of England Schools championships this year, winning all 4 major trophies.

In the Open (U18) Singles Albert Song repeated his success of last year in the Colts category by beating Monty Evans of St. Paul’s in the final. Winchester had had a second semi-finalist, Pete Kullavanijaya, along with Ben Kirwan from Alleyn’s.

In the Colts Singles Winchester’s dominance was even greater: Tom Kidner beat his fellow Wykehamist Seb Byers in the final, thus gaining revenge for his defeat in the National U14 event of 2014. Winchester had a third semi-finalist, Mackison, along with a representative from Blundell’s.

In the Senior Doubles Winchester 1 (Kullavanijaya & Song) beat Malvern (Nelson & Tudor). Winchester’s 2nd pair also figured in the semi-finals, along with St. Paul’s 1. All four finalists are a year young.

The Colts Doubles final produced an unsurprising result: Winchester 1 (Byers & Kidner) beat Blundell’s. The other two semi-finalist pairs were Winchester 2 and Winchester 3. Blundell’s (Chai & MacLaurin) had done very well in beating St. Paul’s 1 and Winchester 2 on their way to the final.

There were competitors from 10 schools playing. A smallish entry for the Colts may well be explained by the imminence of GCSE mocks; likewise looming exams and university interviews may have restricted the number of players from the Upper Sixth, but it is encouraging to see the standard of the many players in the senior event who were a year young.

The RFA would like to record its thanks to Peter de Winton and David Hebden who stepped in to run the championships in the enforced absence through illness of organiser Lionel Lawson. Also our thanks to masters i/c, coaches, parents and supporters, most of whom made a long round trip to facilitate the event.


U18 Singles

1st Round: Barnard (Alleyn’s) bt Clemence (Tonbridge) 15-5; Rehman (Derby Moor) bt Francis (Blundell’s) 15-9; Patel (Tonbridge) bt Findlay (Sherborne) 15-8
2nd Round: Song (Winchester) bt Byford (Tonbridge) 15-1; Nelson (Malvern) bt Naumenko (Alleyn’s) 15-0; Kim (St. Paul’s) bt Barnard 15-4; Tudor (Malvern) bt Rentoul (Alleyn’s) 15-1; Manur (Malvern) w/o; Younger (Winchester) bt Sabburn (Blundell’s) 15-0; Kirwan (Alleyn’s) bt Luk (Malvern) 15-4; Hughes (St. Paul’s) bt Pyman (Sherborne) 15-1; Kullavanijaya (Winchester) bt Clarke (Blundell’s) 15-2; Hanton (Alleyn’s) bt Williams (Malvern) 15-0; Shardlow (Sherborne) bt Rehman 15-9; Whitham (St. Paul’)s bt Buchanan (Malvern) 15-1; Evans (St. Paul’s) bt Yang (Alleyn’s) 15-5; Heidrich (St. Paul’s) bt Patel 15-6; Taylor (St. Paul’s) bt Keates (Derby Moor) 15-5; Halligan (Derby Moor) bt Malton (Tonbridge) 15-1
3rd Round: Song bt Nelson 15-2; Tudor bt Kim 15-13; Younger bt Manur 15-2; Kirwan bt Hughes 15-10; Kullavanaijaya bt Hanton 15-13; Whitham bt Shardlow 15-5; Evans bt Heidrich 15-5; Taylor bt Halligan 15-6
Quarter-finals: Song bt Tudor 11-7, 11-2; Kirwan bt Younger 9-11, 11-9, 11-5; Kullavanijaya bt Whitham 11-1, 11-8; Evans bt Taylor 11-9, 5-11, 11-9
Semi-finals: Song bt Kirwan 11-2, 11-4; Evans bt Kullavanijaya 11-5, 11-9
Final: A Song (Winchester) beat M.Evans (St. Paul’s) 11-6, 11-1

Plate: T.Francis (Blundell’s)

U18 Doubles:

1st Round: Derby Moor II bt Blundell’s II 15-7; Alleyn’s II bt Malvern III 15-10; Blundell’s I bt Tonbridge I 15-9; Sherborne II bt Tonbridge II 15-12
2nd Round: St. Paul’s I bt Marlborough 15-6; Alleyn’s I bt Derby Moor II 15-8; St. Paul’s II bt Alleyn’s II 15-4; Winchester I bt Sherborne I 15-3; Derby Moor I bt Blundell’s I 15-3; Winchester II bt Malvern II 15-7; St. Paul’s III bt Sherborne II 15-0; Malvern I bt Alleyn’s III 15-0
Quarter-finals: St. Paul’s I bt Alleyn’s I 11-5, 11-9; Winchester I bt St. Paul’s II 11-0, 8-11, 11-3; Winchester II bt Derby Moor I 3-11, 12-10, 11-8; Malvern I bt St. Paul’s III 11-0,11-4
Semi-finals: Winchester I bt St. Paul’s I 11-2, 9-11, 11-4; Malvern I bt Winchester II 11-3, 12-10
Final: Winchester 1 (Kullavanijaya & Song) beat Malvern (Nelson & Tudor) 11-3, 11-3

Plate: Marlborough (Barrows & Wheeler)

Colts Singles:

1st Round: Kullavanijaya (Winchester) bt Davies (St. Paul’s) 15-1; Liu (St. Paul’s) w/o; Powell (Marlborough) bt Lam (Tonbridge) 15-12; Huh (Winchester) bt Mok (Tonbridge) 15-4; MacLaurin (Blundell’s) bt Brodie (Malvern) 15-1; Rigg (Marlborough) bt Choo-Choi (Tonbridge) 15-5; Hughes (Tonbridge) bt Bruce (Malvern) 15-12
2nd Round: Kidner (Winchester) bt Jackson (St. Paul’s) 15-0; Chai (Blundell’s) bt Kullavanijaya; Sumner (Bedford Modern) bt Liu 15-5; Cheveley (St. Paul’s) bt Powell 15-2; Mackison (Winchester) bt Huh 15-2; MacLaurin bt Poyntz (Winchester)15-8; Matvienko (Winchester) bt Rigg 15-8; Byers (Winchester) bt Hughes 15-2
Quarter-finals: Kidner bt Chai 11-0, 11-9; Cheveley bt Sumner 11-6, 11-5; Mackison bt MacLaurin 11-2, 11-1; Byers bt Matvienko 11-6, 11-2
Semi-finals: Kidner bt Cheveley 11-1, 11-1; Byers bt Mackison 11-5, 11-6
Final: T.Kidner (Winchester) beat S.Byers (Winchester) 11-5, 11-4

Plate: H.Jackson (St. Paul’s)

Colts Doubles:

1st Round: Marlborough I bt St. Paul’s II 15-7; Malvern bt Tonbridge II 15-13; Blundell’s bt Marlborough II 15-0;
Quarter-finals:Winchester I bt Marlborough I 11-2, 11-0; Winchester III bt Malvern 11-1, 11-2; Blundell’s  bt St. Paul’s I 11-6, 5-11, 11-8; Winchester II bt Tonbridge I 11-2, 11-0
Semi-finals: Winchester I bt Winchester III 11-0, 11-0; Blundell’s  bt Winchester II 11-6, 11-2
Final: Winchester 1 (Byers & Kidner) beat Blundell’s (Chai & MacLaurin) 11-3, 11-1

Plate: St. Paul’s 1 (Cheveley & Jackson)

Winchester winners WoE 2016

Winchester College trophy winners WoE Schools 2016



Marlborough’s U18 Plate winning pair: Wheeler & Barrows