Winchester retain the Schools Winchester Fives Doubles title

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Winchester College
Sunday, 29th November 2022

Jamie McManus reports: Unfortunately two pairs had to pull out at short notice but the 7-team round-robin worked well: of the 21 games played in the round robin 5 finished with a score of 15-14…!

Winchester I had too much experience and guile for the other teams but, more by good fortune than plan, the organiser’s order of play allowed him to tell three other pairs that they all had a chance of making the final as the last round of games got underway. Indeed, the pairs from Alleyn’s, St. Paul’s and Tonbridge deserve much credit for the speed with which they got used to the “pesky buttress thing”.

Particular thanks go to Dr Jackson, Mr Ody, and Mr Roberts for their support of the event. Next year it will be 20 years since David Barnes created the tournament and brand new courts being built as part of Winchester’s Sports Centre development should be in use: it would be great to see a record entry.

Group stage

1st Winchester I 90pts; 2nd= Winchester II and Winchester III 79 pts; 4th Tonbridge 77 pts; 5th Alleyn’s 71 pts; 6th St Paul’s I 43 pts; 7th St Paul’s II 33 pts

Final: Winchester I (C Lee & Y Wu) bt Winchester II (H Akerman & J Cheng) 11-0, 11-2
3rd Place play-off: Winchester III (J Chan & A Cloke Browne) bt Tonbridge (M Freudenheim & G Slater) 15-7

The Winchester medallists

The champions