Winchester U14s do the double!


National Under 14 Championships

St. Paul’s, Saturday and Sunday November 1st and 2nd 2014

At the National U14 Championships postponed from April boys from Winchester College won both the Singles and the Doubles titles. In the Plate competitions there were successes for Alleyn’s, Whitgift and St. Olave’s.

43 players contested the U14 Singles. From the pools 14 players emerged to contest the main knock-out competition, among them last year’s U13 champion from St. Olave’s, Kameron Swanson. He was joined in the semi-finals by fellow Olavian Charlie Stocks and, from Winchester Tom Kidner and Seb Byers. It was the Wykehamists who won through to the final, where they fought out a high quality three-game match in which Byers finally showed the greater consistency and steadiness.

In the First Plate Cameron Low from Whitgift beat a fellow Whitgiftian convincingly, while in the Second Plate it was Olavian Sohayl Ujoodia who came through against Harry Chapman from Alleyn’s.

In the Doubles, played on Sunday, pairs from Winchester, Whitgift and St. Olave’s won their way through to the semi-finals. St. Olave’s I there recorded a three-game victory over Whitgift I, while Winchester I likewise took three games to defeat the second pair from St. Olave’s. The final proved to be one of the best we have seen in this competition: the greater physical and mental maturity brought by the 6 extra months showed in another tough match where the two boys from Winchester who had fought out the Singles final the previous day finally overcame the Olavians.

In the Plate Alleyn’s I won a nail-biting final against St. Paul’s I 16-14.


Under 14 Singles

Pool A: 1st S.Byers (Winchester); 2nd W.Hanley (Tonbridge); 3rd M.Cheveley (St Paul’s); 4th A.Aoki-Seymour (Christ’s Hospital)

Pool B: 1st M.Lane (St Olave’s); 2nd H.Bunn (Marlborough); 3rd T.Liu (St Paul’s)

Pool C: 1st F.Saeger (Winchester); 2nd S.Oliver (Bradfield); 3rd H.Chapman (Alleyn’s)

Pool D: 1st K.Mackison (Winchester); 2nd D.Lister (St Paul’s); 3rd F.Moore (Bradfield)

Pool E: 1st A.Chai (Blundell’s); 2nd S.Prakash (Whitgift); 3rd W.Vickery (Winchester)

Pool F: 1st O.Colbert (Bedford Modern); 2nd S.Marsh (Christ’s Hospital); 3rd T.McGowan (St Paul’s)

Pool G: 1st C.Stocks (St Olave’s); 2nd O.Rista-Brettler (Alleyn’s); 3rd S.Mohanathasan (Whitgift)

Pool H: K.Swanson (St Olave’s) 2nd J.Kim (St Paul’s); 3rd J.McLaurin (Blundell’s)

Pool I: 1st L.Dautlich (Alleyn’s); 2nd J.Woodman (Winchester)

Pool J: 1st V.Amin (Winchester); 2nd F.Walter (St Paul’s); 3rd R.Etwaroo (Whitgift)

Pool K: 1st J.Sumner (Bedford Modern); 2nd R.Jackson (St Paul’s); 3rd W.Hirth (Alleyn’s)

Pool L: 1st T.McCleery (Winchester); 2nd A.Cochrane (Alleyn’s); 3rd B.Lederman (Marlborough)

Pool M: 1st H.Grainger (St Paul’s); 2nd C.Hughes (Tonbridge); 3rd M.Ward-Perkins (Christ’s Hospital)

Pool N: 1st T.Kidner (Winchester); 2nd C.Low (Whitgift); 3rd S.Ujoodia (Sat Olave’s); 4th M.McDowall (St Paul’s)

1st round: Saeger beat Lane 11-5; Mackison beat Chai 11-7; Stocks beat Colbert 11-0; Swanson beat Dautlich 11-1; Sumner beat Amin 11-3; McCleery beat Grainger 11-6

Quarter-finals: Byers beat Saeger 15-3; Stocks beat Mackison 15-4; Swanson beat Sumner 15-11; Kidner beat McCleery 15-4

Semi-finals: Byers beat Stocks 15-6; Kidner beat Swanson 15-1

Final: Byers beat Kidner 4-11, 11-3, 11-8

First plate: Low

Second plate: Ujoodia

Under 14 Doubles

1st round: St Paul’s IV beat Alleyn’s II 16-15; Blundell’s beat Winchester IV 15-0; Tonbridge beat St Paul’s III 15-8. 2nd round: Winchester I beat St Paul’s IV 15-0; Whitgift II beat Marlborough 15-8; Blundell’s beat St Paul’s II 15-11; St Olave’s II beat Christ’s Hospital  15-0; Bedford Modern beat St Paul’s I 15-9; Whitgift I beat Winchester III 15-4; Winchester II beat Alleyn’s I 15-7; St Olave’s I beat Tonbridge 15-3.

Quarter-finals: Winchester I beat Whitgift II 11-1, 11-1; St Olave’s II beat Blundell’s 11-6, 11-1; Whitgift I beat Bedford Modern 11-3, 11-7; St Olave’s I beat Winchester II 12-10, 10-12, 11-3.

Semi-finals: Winchester I beat St Olave’s II 8-11, 11-6, 11-7; St Olave’s I beat Whitgift I 11-12, 11-7, 11-7

Final: Winchester I (Byers/Kidner) beat St Olave’s I (Stocks/Walton) 11-2, 11-8

Plate: Alleyn’s I (Chapman/Rista-Brettler)

Kidner & Byers from Winchester